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MyGeekLife Screen Shot
SloganExpress your IntraGeek
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=2005|2005]]
Headquarters Template:Country data US [[City:=Lawrence|Kansas]], [[State_Name:=Kansas|Kansas]], [[Country_Name:=United States|USA]]
Industry[[NAICS_Code1_Title:=Social Network|Social Network]]
ProductsGeek Social Network
Contact Contactus @ MyGeekLife.netURIs of the form "Contactus @" are not allowed.
PO Box 551
Lawrence, KS 66044-0000
[ MyGeekLife website]
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Who are we?

We are a group of Geeks working out of a coffee shop, putting together a killer app for fellow Geeks.
We believe that something has to change with social networks.
We are sick of other social networks. When you go to people’s profiles, the application often breaks,
cracks, snapples, blows up, or just looks phunky. Did we mention the Ads? NM. Well, they are REALLY
popular, but hey, there has to be a better way to design a social network, so that is what we are doing!!!!

MyGeekLife's Goal

To create a Geek oriented web 2.0, graphically intense, user friendly, and easily customized network that doesn’t break, fizzle,
crack or blow up. We are committed to making social networking better. This means less scrolling, fewer page views, easier to
customize, and putting the power of the social network is in the hands of our users.

Not Your Average Social Network!!!

MyGeekLife is a Rich Internet Application built with Flex 2 and Ruby on Rails. Our technology allows our users to have a
cleaner and more user-friendly experience, with higher dynamic abilities.

MyGeekLife Features:

* Super customized profiles
* A graphically intense website
* Rotating backgrounds
* Improved internal messaging

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