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Why are you crumbling YOUR time application poker strategies that don't work?

"Discover The Abstruse Strategies That Are Proven To Accomplish Added Final Tables, Win Added SitNGos, and Extract Added Banknote From Arena Games!"

Finally... Alike "Average" Poker Players Can Boost Their Bankroll, Accomplish Added Cash, And Establish A Pro Status Application Our Cabal Secrets That's Taken Us A Accumulated 19 Years To Master!

RESULTS ARE IN! On July 21, 2007 Brett 'Gank' Jungblut took bottomward a clash for $20,872.50. Affidavit below!

Re: Micon Secrets

From: Bryan Micon & Brett 'Gank' Jungblut

Dear poker player,

Let's face it, arena poker abounding time is a adamantine way to accomplish an accessible living!

There's no agnosticism that it's apparently the best difficult assignment a poker amateur will learn. Too about bodies dive appropriate into poker because it looked so accessible on TV. The acceptable players you see on TV accept a bulletproof activity and akin of conduct you aloof can't fake.

Of course, you'll apprehend bodies acquaint you poker's an accessible game, it's accessible money, and afresh blow about how abundant money they've made. Wrong!

Just ask them a anniversary or alike a ages afterwards about how they're accomplishing at the tables. If their aboriginal acknowledgment is some bad exhausted story, afresh it's an burning accord abroad they're a accident player!

However, the added acceptable botheration players accept today is the actuality they're accident money at the tables because they're afterward the amiss advice. Too abounding players are application old, anachronous strategies that formed two decades ago.

Yesterday's strategies are beneath able in today's awful advancing acreage (Doesn't booty a pro to amount that out).

Sound familiar?

Well now there's acceptable news! Earlier this year I absitively to cull aback the dark and allotment my best carefully attentive secrets so now any “average joe” can get after-effects like these...

"Cashed Over $581,000 JUST From

Live Multi-Table Tournaments "

Below are aloof a brace screenshots of our online clash winnings. Remember, these screenshots do not accommodate our acceptable totals from our banknote bold and sit-n-go winnings!

Do You Appetite After-effects Like This?

There's one acumen YOU comedy poker, whether online or alive games, you comedy to win. You're there for one reason, to accomplish money. But there's one tiny problem...

All the players you see about you accept the EXACT aforementioned goal. So what sets you apart? What gives you the COMPETITIVE EDGE?

It's your strategy. The activity and admission you agent at the table will do one of two things:

   Accumulate you in the activity - arena banknote amateur and tournaments, ultimately establishing a solid backing and authoritative poker profitable!


   Keeping you out of the activity - Busted! Consistently accident your money at the tables, never actuality able to allow a clash buy-in. Ultimately, consistently accepting to appear out of your abridged to comedy poker.

Don't worry, whether you don't accept a strategy, you're consistently busting out, or you're fresh to poker. We can alternation and accouter you to get after-effects like ours!


Bryan Micon's


Featuring Brett 'Gank' Jungblut

This is actually a one-of-kind, accommodation 'poker strategy' course. It comes complete with videos and audio lessons.

* Amateur step-by-step how to get best amount from your poker game!

* Cabal pro strategies that accord you a advancing edge!

* Easy-to-understand yet able tactics!

Inside you'll ascertain over 15+ hours of audio and video acquaint on able Backing Management, breeding constant profits at Banknote Games, assertive Sit and Go Tournaments, and Avant-garde Clash Strategies!

Section one: Backing Management

Managing your backing is conceivably one of the best blurred and yet critically-important aspect of the game. I'd say 80% of today's players accept no clue how to administer a bankroll.

I'm activity to appearance you how to adept backing administration so your cycle grows and grows...

Audio Length: (2 hours 23 minutes) Instructor: Bryan Micon

   * The jealously-guarded secrets of how the pros administer their bankrolls.

   * A simple address you can use to body your backing automatically while you're at the tables!

   * Ascertain how tracking your after-effects can admonition you.

   * How ‘table time' impacts the admeasurement of your bankroll.

   * The A-B-C blueprint for adopting and bottomward limits.

   * How to advance your allowance for not busting your backing by 95%

   * Ascertain the #1 acumen why bodies consistently apprehension their cycle and how to abstain it!

   * Various credibility that you actually MUST apperceive afore demography your attempt at aerial stakes games.

* The big "ah-ha" activity to body your roll! I acknowledge actually how I build

my backing aback it's beneath my "convert zone"

   * The ONE SECRET that's acute to every poker players roll!

   * A simple ambush to body your backing at the lower limits.

   * A quick fix, fool-proof adjustment for absolution your after-effects acquaint you what banned you should be playing.

Section Two: Complete / No Complete Arena (Cash) Games

Cash amateur are the aliment and adulate of every pro player, and how best pros accomplish a active at poker every day. Profiting *big* at banknote amateur takes a actual altered admission from clash play. By accumulation able banknote bold comedy with tournaments, your backing will arise to fresh heights you never anticipation possible!

Audio Length: (4 hours 9 minutes) Instructor: Bryan Micon

   * Amateur the two analytical styles you charge adept to become a ascendant banknote bold player.

   * The pro-level abstruse of the 'type' of players to avoid! Amateur this and you'll be afar avant-garde of the competition!

   * A fool affidavit tactic that will save you accoutrements of banknote afore you accomplish your chips

   * Ascertain actually how you should comedy at all stages of your sessions.

   * Aces and Kings – How do you comedy from aboriginal position with big hands?

   * Comedy queens from aboriginal position beeline up - Risk equity?

   * Throwing abroad big easily is difficult, but I advise you aback to authority and aback to fold!

   * Bomb arrangement is key. I'll acrylic the patterns for you... Bet, check, or fold.

   * Amateur the aberrant adjustment of "hybrid styling" - and use it to accumulate your opponents off guard!

   * The Post oak barefaced - I abstruse this one from Doyle and I'm activity to appearance you how to use this strategy.

   * How to abstain the 'image theory' and accumulate your adversary guessing.

   * Aback to go adjoin axiological poker play.

Section Three: Sit-N-Go Domination

In today's online world, acceptable sit and go tournaments consistently is a quick way to body your bankroll. The anticipated architecture of these tournaments is like watching the aforementioned set of movies over and over afresh - appealing soon, you apperceive what's advancing next. Aback appropriately armed and prepared, you'll anon boss the sit and go tables!

Audio Length: (5 hours 12 minutes) Instructor: Bryan Micon

   * Why "Sit and Go" amateur are alarming coffer cycle builders.

   * Why you don't necessarily appetite to comedy aerial complete "Sit and Go" games.

   * Why ascertainment is one of the best important ancestry you charge to advance as a player, abnormally aback you apperceive what to attending for.

   * How you can atom the unskilled players and use them to your advantage.

   * Amateur how the Sit and Go changes as players are eliminated, and how your activity should change with anniversary player's elimination.

   * Ways that added players will predictably fail, and how to advantage that to your advantage!

   * Why you shouldn't apprehend to win any big easily aboriginal in a "Sit and Go" game.

   * Aback and why you should apparently bend an Ace / Queen duke aboriginal in the game.

   * Why you should comedy "Sit and Go" tournaments added conservatively early, and gradually get added advancing as the bold goes on.

   * Why you shouldn't be abashed to bet the river.

   * Aback you apperceive that you're exhausted on the turn.

   * Why you should NEVER, EVER dark out in a Sit and Go, and how not to again!

   * Why activity all-in and burglary blinds in Sit and Go's is the name of the game.

   * The aberration amid blame from the big dark and the baby blind, and aback you should do each.

   * Aback you should acquaint the Stop and Go comedy into a Sit and Go situation.

   * Why you should bend on about EVERY duke in the aboriginal allocation of a Sit and Go.

   * How your arena activity should change depending on what position of the table you appear to be sitting at.

   * Why five-handed Sit and Go presents altered opportunities for burglary that you should actually capitalize on.

   * The aberration amid Sit and Go's and multi-table tournaments, and how you should adapt your activity for each.

   * How your Sit and Go activity should anon change as you get bottomward to a four-handed game.

   * The allotment of Sit and Go amateur that best players consistently spiral up on, and how you can abstain the best accepted pitfalls.

   * The acumen why you should NOT be arena for aboriginal abode in a four-handed Sit and Go!

   * How to accomplish abiding that you are burglary "smartly".

   * What actually do I beggarly by "Fold Equity", and how you can use this arch to your advantage.

   * A simple algebraic formula, alleged "Pot Odds", that you can use to actuate how to acknowledge to your opponents strategy.

   * Aback you should actually alpha activity all in on every duke during a Sit and Go.

   * The exact moment to alpha application the "Knock Out Play" to activate removing players from the game.

   * How to admit must-call situations.

   * Aback to alarm and aback to bend with the aforementioned duke (depending on what position of the table you're sitting at).

   * Listen in as Bryan actually talks players through their games, imparting invaluable admonition forth the way.

   * Why the aboriginal amateur is usually abandoned from a Sit and Go aural the aboriginal bristles minutes, and how you can abstain this situation.

   * How to aces up on some of the admonition signs that your adversary is captivation a acceptable hand.

   * Which easily you should actually alarm off on, and which easily you should actually fold, already you accomplish it to three-handed Sit and Go.

   * How your activity and comedy appearance should change depending on how abounding or how few chips you accept left.

* How to appraisal your opponents about accomplishment akin based on what he plays.

* What constitutes a anemic bet, and why you should abstain authoritative them.

   * Some of the differences amid Turbo Sit and Go and accustomed Sit and Go, and why you ability comedy each.

   * Aback it's a abundant time to alarm on the turn.

   * How to handle altered situations already you're in the bubble, and why balloon comedy is NOT the time to be courageous!

   * How to force accession to bend if they're aggravating to abduct your blind.

   * Amateur several altered acceptable strategies for arena Heads Up on a Sit and Go.

   * Why you should consistently min accession on Heads Up every time.

Section Four: Avant-garde Clash Strategy

Multi-table tournaments provides you with the best "leverage" possible, aback the acreage of players accidental their money to the pot is so large, and the cardinal of players in the money is so limited. Aback you accomplish it into the money in these tournaments, it actually boosts your backing - and your confidence. I'm activity to booty you through multi-table clash strategies the pros use today, soup to nuts.

If you've consistently wondered why those aforementioned few players are consistently authoritative it to the final table, authority on to your bench - I'm activity to acquaint you actually why and how to do it!

Audio Length: (4 hours 17 minutes) Instructor: Bryan Micon

As you're actually acquainted this is my aliment and butter! In this breadth I'm activity to booty you through every apprehensible bearings and acquaint you actually how you should handle it to become a able clash player. Such strategies got me after-effects such as this (even the abstruseness ball was strategy)...

Also: Over 4 hours of Video With Brett 'Gank' Jungblut! Watch as he crushes the poker scene! From banknote amateur to tournaments. Watch, Learn, and Listen.

Gank afresh won $17,850 (see the screenshot below)! During this video he goes abysmal into detail about anniversary activity he uses and why...

I've heard abundant - I appetite in!

3 Reasons You Will Boss The Tables

Using Our Strategies!

Reason #1. Because You Will Be Acquirements From A Trusted Authority Amount On Poker

The strategies and account accomplished in my antecedent articles accept helped accoutrements of poker players advance there clash results. I'm active proof! I parlayed A $27 Satellite clash on Poker Stars Into a $164, 000 Banknote Finish in The Apple Series of Poker in 2006!

Footage from me on ESPN in 2006 WSOP (Just columnist play!):

Reason #2. Because You Will Accept Direct Admission To Over 19 Years Account of Acceptable Knowledge

Brett and I accept been arena poker online and offline for a accumulated 19 years. I was arena online poker way afore the poker boom! Plus Brett comes from a poker arena family.

Remember, you're accepting strategies from two guys that accept won hundreds of accoutrements of dollars arena poker online and live.

Heck, we've both had above cashes in some above tournaments. Don't balloon Brett's alike a 2004 WSOP armlet winner!

Reason #3. Because You Will Account From Proven Track Records of My Advice

Don't Booty My Word For It! Listen To What Others Are Saying:

The Arrangement works great!, in fact, I don't comedy a tourney afterwards it in avant-garde of me. The Activity breadth abandoned is account the amount of the complete package. It's actually able-bodied set out and actual simple to use. Whether your a amateur or a pro, it's an complete charge accept in any poker player's arsenal. Can't Thank You abundant for allowance my bold improve!


After downloading the Micon system, I listened to it about 3 times. I printed the activity breadth and went over it with a accomplished tooth comb. Aback i played in my aboriginal few tourneys, i begin myself activity added into the tourneys than i had done before. I eventually started to accomplish the money in some multitable tourneys I two SnG,180 amateur max, I assuredly won them both,$1080.00. I've acclimated the arrangement regularly, but I accept to say I haven't fabricated a final table in a while. Alike admitting I accept been cashing application the system.

Steven Golub

I purchased the Micon Arrangement aftermost bounce and accept acclimated the techniques included therein to win a cardinal of MTT at Complete Poker - Screen Name Granville, Poker Stars - Screen Name Granvillea, FullTilt Poker - GranvilleA and a cardinal of added sites. I accept appear in 1st in a cardinal of affirmed tournaments at anniversary of these sites with fields as big as 1,640. The admonition accustomed in the Micon Arrangement added my crop on MTTs and bargain my about-face substantially. Now, I about accomplish the money and am a accustomed at final tables.

Granville Alley

I won my aboriginal clash anon afterwards reading/studying the Micon Arrangement ! $29,000 . Nice.

Mark Tucker

I was alert to the micon arrangement during the 1st hour of a $4.4 180 actuality sng. I had fabricated the final table once... but was the 1st out... and i had fabricated the money a few times... but never abutting to acceptable it... able-bodied i assuredly won it!!! the micon arrangement actually helped abundantly as it lays a solid foundation for axiological mtt play. Acknowledgment micon

Steve Todd

After a abbreviate time application The Micon System, I won my bench to the 2006 Apple Series of Poker Main Event! Couldn't accept done it afterwards The Micon System!

Christian Britton

I purchased the aboriginal micon arrangement about 5 months ago. The arrangement has abundantly anchored several leaks that I had. I would acclaim that anyone attractive to advance his or her bold should acquirement it. Micon s arrangement is able-bodied accounting and actual accessible to apply.

Jim Bell

The Micon Arrangement anon bigger my Tourney Game. The Activity Breadth was acute to me - I began arena above starting easily in able position. Then, the Micon Arrangement helped me booty the able admission to starting easily and position in the average to backward stages of a tourney. I was no best accepting gobbled up by antes or arena over cautious. And at the aforementioned time, I was axis over the best duke in these situations - or, usually, not seeing a bomb at all! Talk about powerful! Easily that I couldn't adjudge what to do with before, in the afterwards stages of a tourney, no best bedridden me aback I played them weakly. And the Micon Arrangement had me folding added acceptable to - attention my chips for a added acceptable abode to booty the pot (without seeing the flop!). The Micon Audio reveals small, important capacity you charge to master. Already you do, you accept bigger hardly in one area, afresh another, and another, the all-embracing aftereffect is a massive advance in your all-embracing game. I went from actuality a good, bourgeois amateur to a winning, advancing player. What added can you say.

Lee Bells

I knew I was a appropriate amateur but I had a few leaks in my game. I knew I bare to fix my game, but I had no one to amateur from. That's aback I begin "The Micon System." Micon's arrangement actually works. I cashed in the aboriginal clash I played afterwards alert to his arrangement and about a anniversary afterwards I won a bench into the WSOP Main Accident and I cashed in that for $39k. His arrangement works for both alive and online play. I awful acclaim it for both fresh and accomplished players.


Where do I alpha for what admonition I anticipate helped me in the 1st The Micon System.I anticipate the admonition on arena draws in and out of position( accurately not aggravating to semi-bluff or absolute barefaced with to abounding bodies in the hand). I acquainted I had a acceptable compassionate of pot-odds but the admonition on action draws or aback to analysis and alarm was GREAT in my opinion. Arena A,K with or afterwards position. Arena pairs admonition was actual absorbing acquirements that backward in a tourney with anybody activity all in it was OK to laydown baby pairs because the allowance aloof were not acceptable abundant in best cases.I accept apprehend no beneath than a dozen poker books by "top pros" and I can candidly address that The Micon Arrangement helped me the most(much added assured amateur now)with my game.I paid you to admonition me become a added acceptable amateur and you did.

Thanks Eric Shine....Henderson, Colorado

After arena for about a year, and affairs all the books, and activity to all the sites, I ran beyond "The Micon" arrangement and anticipation aloof accession money affliction agriculture on the fish. Boy was I wrong!!!! Not aggregate works for everyone, but this works for me. The arrangement is complete and astute and the admonition is outstanding. I'm not talking about accoutrements o' cash, but i did win my bench to a WSOP accident application this system. You apperceive your acquirements aback they ask you to accord and not comedy so accession abroad can accept a chance.

Thanks Bryan and see you at the final table.


I had been arena poker for about a year....After acquirements the ropes and architecture a reasonable backing I absent it all. Not one for giving up I absitively to booty a adventitious and acquirement the Micon arrangement to see if I can advance my bold and abstain the pitfalls. All I can say is it's the best advance I accept fabricated in poker. A actual advisory anecdotal amid Bryan and a acquaintance helped me no end to actually accept the attempt abaft acceptable solid play. As a aftereffect I rebuilt my backing from $50 to $5,900 in beneath than ten weeks arena $0.5/$1 and $1/$2 tables! For me this arrangement was a advantage and I would acclaim it to anyone adulatory to advance their bold with some real-world admonition from a Pro player.

Stephen Edwards

Thanks to your Arrangement my bold has avant-garde 10 fold...can't delay for the abutting arrangement release..your admonition and stadegy deceit be begin anywhere on the internet...there is annihilation like it!!

Michael Alegre

As a actuality that doesn't accept alot of time to comedy poker and not often makes it in to the top 10 of MTT's i was a bit agnostic about the Micon arrangement and how it could advance my game. What a shock i had. The aboriginal MTT i played application this arrangement i came 4th in a $25 benumb out with 191 enteries acceptable $451. Afresh i connected to ability a final table about 1 in every 7 MTT's i played. So i am agog to see what the Micon Arrangement 2 is all about and can't delay to put it into practice.

Mark Atkinson

I Accept acclimated the assumption of the Micon arrangement and accept cashed in abounding abounding tournanments. In addition, I accept won several MTT touneys.

Mike Johnson

I afresh started application the Micon Arrangement in December, and in my aboriginal 5 touraments I fabricated it into the money in all of them, and the final table in 2. This is a agitating arrangement that anyone arena MTTs should have. Thank you Bryan for giving me the befalling to use your system. It is afterwards a agnosticism the best admonition I accept anytime accustomed via either books or internet e-books. To accord you a little accomplishments on myself, I accept been arena poker for aloof a little over 30 years, although mostly home games. Afresh I started arena on the internet and did able-bodied in the arena amateur but acutely ailing in MTTs, which were what I capital to excel in. Now acknowledgment to you I accept done added acceptable in MTTs than I anytime anticipation I would. Thank you already again.


I purchased the Micon Arrangement aback in july 06, mainly because i was demography a cruise to vegas for a anniversary to comedy poker. I fabricated the final table 3 out of 5 times in some baby 50.00 and 70.00 buyins touraments. I am abiding that the micon arrangement helped advance my bold to do that. I would recomend the micon arrangement to anybody that wants to get added acceptable at poker and booty bottomward added pots. Acknowledgment so abundant for the education.

Dave Salimeno

TheMiconSystem helped me to undertand clash strategy. It provided me with a lot of tips and account which I wasn't alike aware. The starting easily blueprint is a advantageous apparatus to admonition one to accept what easily to play. overall, a abundant arrangement to amateur to comedy tournaments.

Laurence Chen

Just started arena poker online aftermost year with no success in NL Holdem. Accustomed the Micon Arrangement & aloof apprehend through already & entered a $20 MTT SNG - took 2nd for $279! Wow! I can't delay to abstraction some more!

Will Gagnon

I can't delay to see the additional one!! the aboriginal one was abounding with so abundant valueable information,, about to abundant to booty in all at once. gerat job bryan!!

William A wellman Jr

So How Abundant Do You Charge To Invest To Gain Admission To These Proven Strategies?

First, the audio acquaint that you'll be accepting are from my amateur program. Aboriginal this year, I alone accustomed 17 acceptance into my amateur program, a one time event. It actually awash out in two days.

Plus, anniversary amateur paid $697 to be allotment of the three anniversary event

Second, you ability ask "What's the amount of Brett's strategy?" Well, you see, Brett does accept a ancillary activity in which he creates poker tutorials. He accuse $250 per year and, assurance me, he has no curtailment of customers!

Third, you get the account of Brett's years of experience. Remember, Brett aloof cashed $20,850 aloof aftermost anniversary on poker stars application our cabal strategies! How can you allow to go afterwards Micon Secrets?

So, let's do the math. $697 + $250 = $947. That's not some pie in the sky number.

But for the Micon Secrets you can get burning admission to Micon Secrets today for aloof $127! But, apprehend my lips: I WILL BE RAISING THE PRICE TO $167 TO LIMIT WHO HAS ACCESS TO OUR STRATEGIES.

It's in best my best absorption to assure the amount and candor of these admired strategies.

Ironclad, TRIPLE-CONFIDENCE 100% "Better-Than-Risk-Free" Money Aback Guarantee!

Listen, if you don't accede up until 8 abounding weeks of application our admission that they aren't the best able and avant-garde strategies you've anytime acclimated afresh we'll affair you a 100% acquittance on the spot. No adamantine animosity and no questions asked.

Here's How To Adjustment Appropriate Now


Click actuality for an burning download of Micon Secrets. Already your acclaim agenda is approved, you will be taken to a appropriate download folio area you will be downloading Micon Secrets aural minutes!


Purchase Online For Aloof $127 with Acclaim Card

Check, or Paypal By Secure Server

Click Actuality To get admission to Micon Secrets!

It doesn't amount if it's 3:00 a.m. in the morning


Get The Complete Set of "Micon Bluff Sheets"

(A $129.97 Value) FREE Aback You ORDER TODAY!

You will instantly accept a advancing bend over the antagonism aback you accept the ability of the bluff bedding at your fingertips.

You get the complete set: sit-n-go clash bluff sheet, multi-table tournaments bluff sheet, and banknote bold bluff sheet.


YOU accept lifetime updates to the

cheat sheets.


YOU see which cards to bet, raise, and fold.


YOU get comedy recommendations (Bet, Accession or Fold)


YOU can use the bluff bedding both in online poker apartment and Alive poker rooms

This benefit is admired at $129.97 - You'll get some abundant admonition for beginners to average players, abnormally for use in banknote amateur area you charge comedy the allowance to about-face a profit. And it's castigation actually FREE aback you adjustment Micon Secrets.

Order Appropriate Now, Get INSTANT ACCESS,

And The Bound Time Bonus!

Click actuality for an burning download of Micon Secrets. Already your acclaim agenda is approved, you will be taken a appropriate download folio area you will be downloading "Micon Secrets" aural minutes!


Purchase Online For Aloof $127 with Acclaim Card

Check, or Paypal By Secure Server

Click Actuality To get admission to Micon Secrets!

It doesn't amount if it's 3:00 a.m. in the morning

We'll See You At The Tables,

P.S. Anticipate about this... if you were walking bottomward the artery and saw a $100.00 bill on the ground, wouldn't you stop and aces it up? Well, not advance in Micon Secrets could end up costing you a attache of $100.00 bills!

P.S.S. You will amateur how the aforementioned strategies I acclimated to about-face $27 at Poker Stars into a bench at the 2006 Apple Series of Poker: Main Accident ($10,000 Buy-In).

In that one clash I cashed over $123,000 (See affidavit below)... You can get your easily on these exact aforementioned strategies TODAY!

Here's the proof:

By applying my strategies to a $27 Satellite - I was able to win a bench in the 2006 Apple Series Of Poker's Main Accident ($10,000 Buy-In).

Below are my after-effects from the 2006 Apple Series of Poker...

Are your accepted strategies

producing after-effects like this?

Order Appropriate Now, Get INSTANT ACCESS,

And The Bound Time Bonus!

Click actuality for an burning download of Micon Secrets. Already your acclaim agenda is approved, you will be taken a appropriate download folio area you will be downloading "Micon Secrets" aural minutes!


Purchase Online For Aloof $127 with Acclaim Card

Check, or Paypal By Secure Server

Click Actuality To get admission to Micon Secrets!

It doesn't amount if it's 3:00 a.m. in the morning

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