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Spiritual Growth for Higher Purpose Living

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi has a unique ability to transmit an unknown energy through thoughts. This energy is known as Trivedi Effect. He was born in 1963 in a very small town in central India. As a child, he knew that he was different and his sojourn on this planet is for a higher cause. He was working as a reputed mechanical engineer. Then, one night in 1995 he received "guidance" that these gifts that he was born with are now to be used for the welfare of humanity. He didn't hesitated to give up all that was familiar and embark on a new mission to connect with people of his destiny - to find those who could help him use his gifts to bring change in the world.

Whole world is moving towards baseless and unworthy gulf of religious rituals, dogmas, idol faith, and other intellectual barometers that reflects the presence of Godhead. But is the society getting religious in real plausible terms is the biggest question that is yet to be answered. Today, religious or customary practices are prevailing and infecting people like never before. More and more people are consistently pouring their cordial efforts in search of true peace and mental calmness through different spectrum of customary practices. They are even directly linking their practices to the religious faiths of serving God. But is it true in practical senses? Unfortunately, nobody is there to guide the innocent hearts.

Today, religious front runners, preachers, and adamant advocates are fostering a belief in the people that rituals will bring them closer to God or demigods or their ethereal enigmatic powers. Only they know the truth. Conservative societies are also guiding people to have faith in rituals and practice them on regular basis to shun sins off and bring harmony to life. This has manifested mass awareness for rituals as a result people are unknowingly following them, without reckoning their ultimate results. The fact is that these rituals have temporal effect on human beings and they forget their ills for a short period. This has no long-term benefit and may result in utter doldrums. People even fail to notice the significant influence of rituals on their lives and continue with the same spirit. This keeps them miles away from their inner consciousness or spiritual growth, which is far more powerful, extravagant, intuitive, pure, and practical than rituals or dogmas.

Unquestionably, rituals or dogmas are the hot-button topics and may kick start heated argumentation and discussion among public. However, the fact is that it is difficult to attain eternal bliss and undisturbed tranquility without arousing the kinetics of conscious and spiritual dynamism. Of course, it is possible to spot the level of consciousness or spiritual dynamism, but true inner awakening is possible only by dumping "ego." One cannot attain the vital strings of peace and happiness without burning their egos. Of course, it is the most difficult thing because people are born with egos of somewhat low or high degree, which start maturing with the shades of their age.

There are many spiritual legends that try to tame the raging impulses of their ego through guided meditation techniques and other vigorous yoga techniques. However, it is not possible for normal people to introduce high level of calmness in their lives or to pacify their minds from continuous chattering and murmuring to access the spiritual wisdom. At this stage, people think of certain magic to kick-start their spiritual journey.

One of the practical ways of embarking to a spiritual jaunt is to have the Energy Transmission from Mr. Guruji. Mr. Guruji - Mahendra Kumar Trivedi is a spiritual master having a unique universal strength to transform lives and bring eternal peace to the lives. People feel highly motivated, energetic, passionate, confident, enthusiastic, powerful, beautiful, and above all balanced. They feel high level of conscious feelings and develop a unique ability to enjoy their life. Nevertheless, they feel more aware of their own internal power and develop an ability to fight courageously with the diseases without any invasive treatment.

The essence is that people need powerful energy transmission to lead a happier and healthier life rather than bundling their emotions for exhaustive rituals.