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MyWikiBizKim Kardashian and her family have been everywhere lately. You turn on the TV and you must see Kim Kardashian or one of her sisters. They have literally conquered the world. .

Reality television star and budding mogul Kim Kardashian is making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Kardashian's website and blog features photo galleries, videos, and updated news on various details of her life. She is an active participant in the operation of this blog, which makes the connection to fans more personal. Here are five reasons why you should visit the official Kim Kardashian website. .

There are many treatments available for treating cellulite. However, Kim Kardashian recently got rid of her unsightly cellulite by undertaking VelaShape treatment. .

Kim Kardashian becomes the new face of Skechers Shape Ups, with the first advertisement airing after Superbowl XLV. The super hot reality TV star swears by the shoes, and wears her Skechers Shape Ups SRT shoes to keep in trim and improve her body when gym time is not an option. . Kim Kardahian showed up at the Cheetah Girl premiere in a stunning little black dress. Turns out that it was the super cute Voom Chic Dress, and here are all the details about it. .

To Photoshop or not to Photoshop, that is the question. Kim Kardashian is not a plus size woman, but she is known for her voluptuous figure. Complex Magazine created a buzz when it inadvertently put up an unaltered photo of the reality star on its website, and then replaced it with a retouched version later. .

Cellulite is the cottage cheese fat that gathers around your thighs and arms. Most women have this problem after the age of 20. This is the fat that gets accumulated under the skin. Women try 'n' number of methods to get rid of these orange peels on the skin. These also include the cellulite creams and laser therapies. A renowned face on the television, Kim Kardashian, recently took up the laser treatment to cure this issue. Kim Kardashian's cellulite treatment is VelaSmooth. .

If you have been dreaming of getting the Kim Kardashian body for so long but still don't know what to do, here's the ultimate solution for you. All you need to do is get yourself the best body slimmers that are available on the market today. .

I support and urge everyone on Social Media to frequently Facebook and Tweet what you're eating and drinking...pretty much all the time. I need to bring up an important that is shared often online and with much debate. .

New to E! Network, the reality show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", first aired in 2007, has become increasingly popular worldwide. Here we review the first season. .

Dangerous curved ahead! There is nothing stopping this reality star, Kim Kardashian, as the W magazine introduces her, "Kim Kardashian can't sing, act, or dance but she's found the role of a lifetime in the fine art of playing herself behind the scenes with the queen of reality TV. .

If you're in search of whiter teeth than you are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer with dreaded yellow teeth. Yellow teeth is a very embarrassing thing for many people to deal with. In our image obsessed culture looks count for everything. If any part of you is less than perfect you will most likely be judged and ridiculed for that. If you're like most then you probably thought the only way to permanently get rid of the problem is to get teeth professionally whitened at the dentist. .

The Royal Wedding was hyped for months - what would she wear? What would the ceremony be like? Media swarms and speculations; predictions on everything from designer to how trends would follow for brides to come. Knock off "replicas" - in a race to be ready to wear and accessible to "everyday" brides (at a nice profit, mind you). All the hype and it's hard to tell if I was describing British Royalty or American "Reality Royalty". So, who won in the battle of wedding of the year? And whose wedding left a bad taste in our mouth? .

Kardashians clothing is just one of several ways the famous family is attempting to cash in on their still relatively recent celebrity rise. While some may argue that the sisters have no right to be famous and that we should not be paying any attention to them at all, I argue quite the contrary. The example the young ladies set both in their commitment to their fashions and their efforts to capitalize on their celebrity status are both fashion and economic models other young people would be wise to follow. .

Keeping Up with the Kardashians debuted on October 14, 2007 on E! Channel. This American reality television series documents the lives of the Kardashian/Jenner family which consists of the ex-wife and children of late attorney Robert Kardashian. The show, which is produced by Ryan Seacrest, is now on its 4th and last season which premiered on December 13, 2009 and will end in spring of 2010. .

Proving that a family that is successful together stays together, the Kardashian family has marketed their name as a brand that is known all over the world. Whether it is their hit television show, prosperous retail businesses, or celebrity ad campaigns, everyone in the Kardashian family has benefited from the many business ventures that their now famous name has afforded them. .

We all want that beautiful white smile that you see on the red carpet. Things like coffee, sodas, and cigarettes can all contribute to teeth stains. Before, all you could do was go to the dentist and have them whiten your teeth. This is a long and somewhat painful procedure that costs a fortune. The good news is, there are at home teeth whiteners available on the market now that will give you that smile you want without the cost and operations. .

White teeth equals beautiful smiles, and a beautiful smile will get you in the door, so to speak. This is the top reason why anyone would want whiter teeth. It speaks volumes about being able to get ahead and be one of the success stories in your neighborhood. .

What keeps the Kardashian sisters complexions so radiant and beautiful? Take a look at the amazing new product they assisted in developing. The simple 3 part regimen is guaranteed to work for most if not all skincare types. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney all have vastly different skin types, read how "Perfect Skin" works for all three of them. .

The Fit Into Your Jeans by Friday DVDs include exercise routines consisting of stretching followed by resistance training and cardio. The programs are based on the idea of offering exercises that will increase your heart rate while toning and sculpting your body. It is suggested that to get the best benefit from you workouts that you plan to do the thirty to fifty minute routine at least three days a week. .

In this day and age re-inventing the wheel completely is not necessary in any field. Chances are someone before you had the same great idea! Just choose a model and tweak it to make it new and improved or just follow in someone's footsteps and make it your own. .

Sometimes it feels like I don't know anything about the women who keeps on complaining about their butt being giant. Why don't they try to learn from the obsession of men for celebrities like Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Biel, and Jennifer Lopez ... .

This Fit In Your Jeans on Friday Review will quickly describe what this workout DVD series includes and how it can help lead to weight loss. The name is catchy that's for sure. Many of us really do strive to put on those favorite pair of jeans by the weekend; we want to feel our best and look our best... but when we're out of shape this becomes a real challenge. .

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