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KNOW Project
Type [[Company_Type:=NPO|Non-Profit Organization]]
Founded 2007
FounderSteven Henninger
Headquarters Hollidaysburg]], [[State_Name:=Pennsylvania|Pennsylvania]], [[Country_Name:=United States|USA]]
Key peopleSteven Henninger, Director
David McConnell, Board
Samantha Aluise, Board
Industry[[NAICS_Code1_Title:=Public Charity|Public Charity]]
Contact PO Box 1
Hollidaysburg, PA  US  16648
Reference Year End: December/31

The KNOW Project is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide fun-filled, interactive workshops to children that enable them to gain the fundamental knowledge and skills that are necessary to grow up strong, healthy and safe. Created by educators, parents and safety minded individuals, the KNOW workshop series employs techniques and learning methodology proven to enable our children to gain the knowledge and skill base that they need to become active participants in their own safety, health and well-being. Each station within the workshop series focuses on a core grouping of messages that are delivered using a multi-faceted approach that enables every child to incorporate these functional skills into their daily lives and develop positive habits that will last a lifetime.

The youth of our country are our most valuable asset and it must be the goal of each American to ensure that our children have the opportunity to KNOW how to grow up strong, healthy, and safe! The first component in empowering our children is to provide them with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to choose healthier, safer lifestyles. Research has proven that the earlier we integrate the proper health and safety habits into the knowledge base of our youth, the higher the ability of these children to create and maintain these positive habits for a lifetime.

The KNOW Project delivers each workshop in cooperation with area law enforcement officers, firefighters, medical personnel, parents, businesses, and volunteers, each of whom shows the dedication and drive to improve the community through the education of our youth in the methods they must employ to grow up strong, healthy and safe. Attendance at a KNOW Project workshop ensures the knowledge, skills and tools our young people need to become active participants in their own safety, wellness and health choices are presented in a fun-filled, interactive event proven to promote a higher retention of each critical skill. The delivery methodology of these workshops enables the children to integrate the essential knowledge learned at the workshops into lifetime habits as the children who KNOW grow up to become partners in our community.

The KNOW Project currently consists of a series of twelve interactive workshops designed for implementation as stand alone events or for integration into currently operating community based programs dedicated toward furthering the goals of the KNOW Project by ensuring that all of our children KNOW how to grow up strong, healthy and safe! Each workshop addresses the most critical health, wellness and safety issues effecting our youth today.











The following people believe EVERY CHILD DESERVES TO KNOW HOW TO GROW UP STRONG, HEALTHY AND SAFE - SHOW YOU KNOW TOO! Email us at to be added to our I KNOW member list and show you are committed to helping every child KNOW!

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