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Name: Investing for Beginners

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This article is about Investing for Beginners. As a beginning investor you must ask yourself Two question before you embark on your jorney, "What is important me about investing," and "Is there anyone around me that has successfully done what I'm about to do?"

The first question, "What is important to me about investing" speaks to your values. Understanding your values is crucial to your success. Values guide your decision making, they tell what is important to you right now; they tell what your priorities are. When you understand what your values are, you will be guided towards opportunities that fulfill your needs. We all have needs that must be fulfilled; do not ignore your needs! You have to understand what they are so you can channel your energy, which in turn will help you manage your time and guide you down the path towards success. Many successful investors focus on cash flow. Cash flow can be broken into three parts. Do you need cash now? Do you need cash flow? Do you need cash later? The best solution is a opportunity that addresses all three stages of cash flow. The final component of understanding cash flow is assessing how quickly your total capital outlay is replenished by the cash flow from the investment. This is referred to as cash on cash return. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that the investment returns your initial investment in 5 years, so your cash on cash return would equal 20% in this scenario.

The second question, "Is there anyone around me that has successfully done what I'm about to do," speaks to you finding a coach or mentor that can help you navigate the waters. Never try to reinvent the wheel, the chances are pretty good that whatever you are about to do, someone else has already done it successfully. All you need to do is follow in their footsteps and it is reasonable to assume you will have similar success.

Once you have found your "Why," your doing this business (by exploring your values) and your "How," you're going to do this business (by asking a experienced coach or mentor), the next thing you have to do is find a deal. What does a deal look like? All investors must find a seller of the product you're looking for at a discount. In order for a seller to give the buyer a discount they must be motivated to do so. The usual factors to look for in a seller is debt, death, divorce or retirement. The best play here is to go after the low hanging fruit; the biggest motivated seller right now are the banks. The banks have so many foreclosures on their books right now that they are looking to sell at compelling discounts, for ready, willing and able investor like youself.

We hope this article helped you understand more about investing for beginners, now its your turn take massive action and we'll see you on the otherside.

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