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Template:Infobox Software Imonggo is a web-based point-of-sale software developed by Imonggo Inc, a company based in Campbell, California. It offers a free retail solution for small retailers. [1]

Imonggo won the 2009 Best POS software award from APEX, a software review company.[2]

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Imonggo is a Web 2.0 application that is compatible to all operating systems, primarily Windows, Mac, and Linux.[3][4] There is no installation required to use Imonggo, and the only requirement is that the computer must be able to connect to the Internet.[1]

It employs SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for log-in security. It is also partnered with to process credit card payments.[5]

Imonggo can be used with optional point-of-sale hardware like receipt printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners.[6]

Main features

  • Ease-of-use – News from Imonggo Inc indicate that the software can be learnt in under three minutes.[2]
  • Simplicity – Retail actions in Imonggo, like selling, accessing sales records and managing inventory can be done with only a few clicks.[2]
  • Scalability – Imonggo can easily manage one to a hundred branches and individual stores, which can be located in any part of the world.[2]
  • Data security – Imonggo backs-up data every 24 hours using on several geographically separate servers.[2]
  • Other features

    Imonggo also offers other features like split payments, layaway feature, salesman performance tracking, unlimited tax types, multiple barcodes support, physical count support, and a one-click “Today’s Sales Summary” system showing key performance indicators.[7]

    A 24/7 support hotline is also available.[8]

    Upcoming features

    Other upcoming features include:

  • Offline Support - A desktop companion software to allow POS to continue functioning even if Internet is not available[7]
  • API (Application Programming Interface) - Allows back-end ERP or other applications and websites to communicate directly with Imonggo digitally[7]
  • iPhone Support - A new interface for Apple iPhone[7]
  • SMS Integration - Sends alerts and notifications to your mobile phone via SMS[7]
  • Multi-lingual - Support for languages other than English, such as Spanish and Chinese, to allow users to choose the language most suitable to them[7]
  • Reach

    Imonggo users are comprised by retailers from the United States, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, India, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Singapore, South Africa, and other countries.[9]


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