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Image Warehouse is an internationally oriented, photographer-driven, image archiving and stock picture sales agency, located in the NYC metropolitan area.

Image Warehouse provides professional photographers and other artists with online image archiving, sales representation, order processing & fulfillment, and self-promotion capabilities through its custom application software. The servers, applications and stored files are redundantly co-located in two geographically diverse network data centers in the U.S.

Photographers are able to decide which of their uploaded images are presented for sale, as well as the terms of commercial/editorial use license or art print sale3s, and their respective pricing. Public Gallery images are offered on a rights-managed or royalty-free basis to graphic designers, commercial advertising art directors/creative directors, graphic designers, and web site developers for use in advertisements, annual reports, book covers, brochures, CD covers, greeting cards, posters, magazine covers, web sites and more. Art prints are available with or without signature and series numbering for interior designers/decorators, as well as collectors.

Image Warehouse offers subscribing members the ability to interact with several applications designed to support self-promotional efforts, such as e-Postcards, email LightBoxes, and link codes for their individual web site to link to their pictures on display at Image Warehouse.


The company was founded by photo industry veterans Carroll Seghers and Allen Lieberman in October 2005, as, an online image archiving service. During the next two years, it transitioned into its current stock photo sales and archiving business model. With over 75 years of combined experience in commercial & editorial photography, stock photo sales, photo product marketing and sales, and the photofinishing business, the principals of the company are well aware of the challenges and needs of today's professional photographers.

Services and Pricing

Standard Archive Subscriptions:

Entry: 10GB of HDD space and 5GB Download bandwidth @ $9.95/mo. Intermediate: 25GB of HDD space and 15GB Download bandwidth @ $23.95/mo. Advanced: 100GB of HDD space and 50GB Download bandwidth @ $49.95/mo. Professional: 250GB of HDD space and 125GB Download bandwidth @ $119.95/mo. Multi-User: 1000GB of HDD space and 500GB Download bandwidth @ $610.05/mo. Additional GB used over allotment in 1GB increments @ $0.59/mo.

Special Promotion Offers

Trial Subscriptions and other related offers are available, please inquire.

Scanning - Includes pre-scan cleaning, post-scan cropping & color/contrast optimization
(Files save as 50+MB TIFF/JPG in Adobe sRGB 1998 color profile)

35mm Positive or Negative - $20.00 6x6, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9 cm. Pos. or Neg. - $25.00 4x5 in. Positive or Negative - $30.00 5x7 in. Positive or Negative - $35.00 8x10 in. Positive or Negative - $45.00

Keywording - covers image context, abstract concepts, and colors, shapes & forms

15-30 words/image with IPTC data - $4.00

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