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Imad Abulaban
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Beirut, Lebanon
Occupation Founder president & CEO of CapitalStone Properties
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Imad Abulaban (born in 1958 in Beirut, Lebanon) moved to Kuwait in 1981 after graduating with a BSc in civil engineering from University of California at Berkeley in 1979 and an MSc in construction engineering and management from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 1980. Upon construction completion of Kuwait Stock Exchange complex, he founded Projacs [1984 -1997], a Kuwaiti-based construction management partnership. Following the sales of his stake after 13 years of business therein, he founded PolyStar[1] [1998-2006], a Lebanese-based boutique development services company. Early projects were private houses, office building and other assignments. The break into the big league of large projects came when he structured and concluded a joint venture arrangement for his firm first in 1987 with Turner and the second in 1990 with Bovis. Both ventures thereafter were jointly awarded a major contract; whereby (i) on first instance, to build the seat of government of Kuwait, the Amiri Diwan complex [2], and (ii) on second instance, the headquarters of Oil sector complex[3]. More than 38 other major buildings and project engagements followed thereafter in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Qatar and Bahrain - just to name a few - the headquarters of GIC[4], NBK, SABIC and NCCI, in addition to the Bayan Palace ,Kuwait Sheraton [5], Jabal Al Kaba center, TAIBA,Grand Hyatt Amman [6],Riyadh Marriott [7], CityStars, Le Platio hotel and City Fanar[8]. As the managing partner, he was in-charge for the delivery of USD 5 Billion worth of cumulative projects work relative to the 2 business enterprises that extended over 20 million feet of building area within 15 Middle Eastern cities.

In 2007 and together with a major Saudi conglomerate, Imad Abulaban founded CapitalStone[9], a privately held real estate investment, development and management firm domiciled in Dubai International Financial Center [DIFC] in United Arab Emirates. As the president and CEO, he is in-charge of directing the company policy and procedure along its operations which is presently geared on acquiring, developing and managing more than 12 properties in 8 cities, representing more than 3 Million square feet of space. While cultivating investor relations, he participates in setting up business ventures and opening new geographic markets within the entire Middle East and North African [MENA] region. He is in-charge of introducing new property sectors, initiating acquisitions and overseeing the enlargement of major sources of equity and debt financing to secure more than USD 1.1 Billion. He is leading the venture towards creation and expansion of its holdings, products and services including growing its capital base, while reinforcing its reputation for excellence. Presently, the firm is controlling a diversified real estate portfolio of existing and target assets valued at approximately USD 2 Billion allocated among several property sectors that are underway at various stages of development such as technology, Industrial / logistics and mixed-use plus those progressing during predevelopment such as energy, office park, healthcare, residential and master-planned communities.

Imad Abulaban attributes the culmination of his experience to working closely with worldly recognized investors and developers including prominent construction managers Turner, Bovis,CRSS[10], Jacobs and Parsons], major operators Marriott, Starwood, Radisson/SAS and Jumeirah and notable architects Cesar Pelli[11], SOM[12], HOK[13],WATG[14], KPF[15] and RTKL[16] and many others. He received recognition for his adherence to the highest quality standards and was credited for introducing effective budget control initiatives virtually on all projects managed by his ventures, while serving as a board member and advisor for few real estate and construction-related firms within the Arab and Gulf region. He is a member of Urban Land Institute (ULI), International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), International Hotel and Restaurant Association (IH&RA) and Project Management Institute (PMI).


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