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Compliance Solutions for Positive Transitions in Healthcare


The hard-hitting healthcare compliance regulations have blurred the future of many thriving and reputed organizations due to their errant attitudes. The US health law has been extremely punishing on all entities accused of violating HIPAA and HITECH acts with bleak chances of revival. Pushing the penalty limits to millions of dollars only reiterates the stand that the judiciary has taken to wipe out all nefarious activities and provide safety to patients.

Handling multiple networks in a massive organization is a wearisome task owing to the faulty management mechanisms, an unresponsive, unaware or ill-trained group of employees and a derelict IT infrastructure that is presumably the major support of the organization. A conscientious and enthusiastic attitude towards preservation of personal health information is expected from the health providers. The imposition of expensive fines has not been a lesson good enough as can be seen by the spate of recurring accidents and intentional incidents exposed every now and then.

Suppressing and ignoring security loopholes existing in an organization is an ominous situation eventually leading to far more lethal and destructive outcomes. With the law tightening its grip on negligent behavior the healthcare providers can be at a greater loss than bargained for. On the contrary if the healthcare providers spare some time to analyze and combine efforts to fox all attempts responsible for security breaches, it will manifest in more productive results.

The SecureGRC SB is a solution that has been created to tackle all security issues effectively with no opportunities for errors or misguided advice. This is a cloud service that offers 24 hours real-time information regarding the compliance status of an organization and the latest regulations in use. These are automated processes that are deployed to update the existing policies of the organizations without any manual intervention thus setting off a systematic and uninterrupted functioning of the process.

The SecureGRC SB has a superior infrastructure with flexible and integrating features that makes it easy to adapt to any IT compliance regulation. Thus there is a good control over all the compliance policies. The HITECH compliance act has mandatory considerations for business associates especially, as they have been identified as one of the major reasons for security breaches.

The cloud based IT healthcare compliance solution is a unified solution that has the ability to track and monitor all the activities of business associates. The solution is extremely affordable, thus making security an achievable responsibility, even in smaller organizations where budget constraints are often quoted as the main reason for lacking security measures. With such a compelling security solution available all foul play can be totally barred from causing any damage.

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