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Name: Healthcare Market Resources

Address: 1133 Dundee Drive, Suite 100
City: Dresher
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 19025
Country: USA
Phone: 215-657-7373
Email: []
Contact: Rick Chesney

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Healthcare Market Resources, Inc. provides in-depth, local-market data for hospice and home healthcare marketing. The provided market research is ideal for shaping strategy and tactics for market share, segmentation and business development, as well as for benchmarking financial and operating performance against local competition.


Healthcare Market Resources was founded by Rick Chesney to fill a need in the home health and hospice industries: the need to base market-related decisions on reliable data, rather than perceptions.

Rick Chesney first became involved in home care over 20 years ago and was struck by the dearth of informational resources about the market. Having previously spent a number of years with Fortune 100 companies in strategic planning and marketing, Chesney notes that those companies spent considerable time, money and effort on data to identify the most profitable market segments for their brands, and they made consistently excellent decisions.

Chesney brings this experience, along with an MBA from MIT, into home health and hospice. The hospice and home care industry most needed data to support strategic planning, benchmarking and then sales strategy and sales tactics. HealthMR’s product line was built around these areas to address, head on, the void in the market.

Markets Served

Healthcare Market Resources serves a variety of markets that include:
- Home Health Management
- Hospice Management
- Mergers & Acquisitions
- Vendors
- Hospital Marketers and Planners

Reports Offered

Healthcare Market Resources offers two core sets of reports, providing operational, marketing, financial and business development data. These include:
- Home Health Care Market Research Reports
- Hospice Market Research Reports

Commitment to Accuracy

In the data business, the breadth, depth, and accuracy of the data are critical. Healthcare Market Resources take great pains to make sure the quality of data. The quality assurance process involves:
- First, key data elements are checked against other Medicare data sources for the same time period.
- Second, the data is manually calculated in a sample report from the appropriate individual claims.
- And third, a report set is produced for select beta customers who match our information against their own internal reports.
These various tests help ensure that the data received is as accurate as possible.

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