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Grocery Sale Shopper is an online directory of grocery stores and supermarkets organized by geographical regions and known for it’s use of company logos instead of text listings.

Published by a consumer resource group, Grocery Sale Shopper (www.GrocerySaleShopper) helps the consumer quickly and easily view multiple grocery stores and supermarkets to see current sales, compare prices, keep up-to-date on product alerts, recalls, and more.

Advantages for the consumer
Consumer advocates and organizations all agree that a little online research and planning can save money, time, and gas. Using the Grocery Sale Shopper Website, viewers can quickly view (and compare) current sales, weekly grocery ads, special offers and promotions, discounts, grocery coupons, box top offers, card and membership specials, online shopping, rebates, reward programs, contests, events, new products, new services, recipes, catering, store community activities, product alerts, recalls, and more.

Regional verses city or ZIP code
The Website is organized by geographic regions. The viewer immediately sees a larger geographical region than a single ZIP code or city view could provide.

Text listings verses logos
The design of the Website is based on original studies done to assist consumers in learning how to use the Internet to save money before going out to shop for food and groceries. The studies evaluated the conventional method of a computer monitor displaying typical white or yellow page text listings compared to the method of displaying store logos. The results of the studies showed that people preferred the method of looking at their local community area on a computer screen with multiple store logos all displayed at one time, on one screen. By clicking on a store logo the viewer can quickly see what is available, at what sale price, and can make their choices before going shopping.

Geographical coverage
Initially published for the California consumer, the Website is now expanding to include additional states.

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