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Version from approximately 2010

Gregory Kohs is a market researcher in Media, Pennsylvania. Gregory operates the Inside Market Research and web sites.

In 2006-7, Kohs launched, a service that offered to write Wikipedia entries for businesses for $49 to $99. A few days after he put out a press release in 2006-08-04, MyWikiBiz's account on Wikipedia was blocked.[1]

Over the the next few weeks, Kohs claimed to get about 10 clients into Wikipedia.[1]


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Version from 2013

Template:Infobox person Gregory J. Kohs (born 1968)Template:Fact is a market researcher who has been involved in various internet-related enterprises including MyWikiBiz, an online business directory. He has also written extensively on internet-related topics, and is known as a critic of Wikipedia.


Kohs says that his first internet-based enterprise, started in 1995, was Facts On Call, Inc. The company was meant to provide online research services in the days when search engines were in their infancy.[1] Around 1997, Kohs created a popular e-zine newsletter called American Cynic, which featured "interesting facts about little-known history, bizarre current events and news stories".[2]

In 2004, while working for ICR/International Communications Research, Kohs fielded a survey of 500 radiologists on issues associated with the use of computed tomography. The study, a joint effort between the American Roentgen Ray Society and Philips Medical Systems, was published in the American Journal of Roentgenology.[3]

In January 2007, Associated Press reporter Brian Bergstein brought international attention to Kohs, via a news story about Kohs' enterprise that offered paid editing of Wikipedia.[4] Kohs has noted that small businesses can create articles about themselves on Wikipedia that will not be deleted if they are careful to follow an approach that gives the impression of an independent editor.[5] He has published critical commentary about Wikipedia on various websites.[6] More recently, Kohs has published articles on Wikipediocracy, a website launched in May 2012.[7][8][9]

Kohs has also criticized Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons for hosting large amounts of pornography and sexually graphic material.[10]

Internet ventures


Template:Main article In 2006 Kohs and his sister founded MyWikiBiz, where for a fee of $49 to $99 a business could have a Wikipedia article created.[11] According to Kohs the articles would only be written for significant enterprises, and would follow the rules of neutrality and sourcing.[11] Kohs noted that Wikipedia already had a "Reward Board" on which Wikipedians could offer gifts to authors for improving articles.[12] The press release was issued in August 2006. A few days later the MyWikiBiz account was blocked.[11][13] In an unusual move Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, personally blocked the account indefinitely.[14] Wales apparently said in a call to Kohs that paid editing was "antithetical" to Wikipedia's mission.[11]

Kohs then launched, a paid business directory.[11] According to Kohs, Centiare had been created by Karl Nagel, and the two partnered to market it.[1] After poor initial results, Centaire was shut down, but the content was ported to the MyWikiBiz database.[1] The directory was launched in January 2008.[1] In an April 2013 interview Kohs said there were more than 87,000 pages in MyWikiBiz.[1] In June 2013 was offering a service where individuals or enterprises who had been rejected by Wikipedia as "non-notable" could create their own directory pages.[15] The site also said "we also boast the oldest continuously-operated Wikipedia article-writing service on the Internet".[15]


Template:Main article Wikipediocracy was launched in May 2012, described in the press release as a site that "hosts articles examining Wikipedia’s editorial failings and the governance flaws that lead to them, as well as a forum dedicated to criticism of Wikipedia’s administrative culture". Kohs and Eric Barbour, owner of Metasonix, were listed as contacts for more information.[16]Template:Efn


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