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Name: Flight Landata

City: North Andover
State: MA
Country: US
Phone: 978.682.7767
Email: []
Web: []
Contact: Brooks Patterson

Flight Landata, Inc. is the leading provider of airborne high resolution digital imaging systems and services. The company designs and builds compact remote hyperspectral, multispectral and high-resolution digital imaging systems suitable for light aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Imagery acquired by FLD’s aerial sensor systems is used to create extremely detailed photogrammetric maps, digital elevation models and to perform rapid change detection analysis for a variety of applications in the government and commercial sectors. FLD is a full service provider with world-wide capabilities to “fly a complete mission” including planning, data collection, processing and analysis. Founded in 1991, Flight Landata is a privately held company serving intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance professionals, urban planners, oceanographic and atmospheric researchers as well as commercial clients in the security, forestry and agriculture businesses. The company has been awarded two patents with additional patents pending for its innovative computing solution that seamlessly integrates imaging and georeference capabilities into a single operational system. Our remote sensors have been certified AWR (Air Worthiness Release) by the U.S .Army and have captured hundreds of thousands of images in Iraq and beyond to successfully support mapping, targeting, damage assessment and IED (improvised Explosive Device) defeat missions.

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