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Founded 2010
Headquarters Indonesia
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Excellence of Finex Transactions through Finex means that you have chosen a broker / broker that is professional, fair and has a good reputation. All customers can enjoy transactions with excellent service regardless of the amount of capital or investment.

Finex provides a fair and reliable trading experience and is the company that first started the system without re-quotes and without a mandate / rejection policy. More than 99.57% of transactions are executed in less than a second, and makes Finex recognized as a leader for executing robust orders. Our business model relies on a strong belief in reliable execution in both Forex, Metal (Bilateral) and Commodity (Multilateral) products.

At Finex, Customer's funds are our top priority. We partner with the best banks and use segregated accounts to ensure the safety of funds. Customer Funds are protected by the government of the Republic of Indonesia and are kept in the Indonesian Futures Clearing (KBI). In addition, all Customers also benefit from the protection of the Negative Balance so that they will not risk losing more funds than the invested capital.

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