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Electronic evidence discovery is a core business process for today's corporations. Whether it’s for litigation, corporate investigation, or regulatory and compliance inquiries, Clearwell reduces the cost and time required to perform electronic evidence discovery for enterprises and law firms. Clearwell increases the defensibility of the electronic evidence discovery process by providing transparency across the e-discovery lifecycle.

Electronic evidence discovery platform is the first enterprise-class e-discovery solution that manages all legal matters, regulatory inquiries, and corporate investigations in a single application. Click here to read more about our electronic discovery and evidence solutions.

Proven electronic evidence discovery

Clearwell is a proven electronic evidence discovery solution and has been rated as a top electronic evidence discovery provider by Gartner in their 2008 and 2009 Market Scope Reports for E-Discovery Software Vendors. Clearwell is the leader in Early Case Assessment, a critical phase of electronic evidence discovery. To learn more about Clearwell's defensible electronic evidence discovery, click here and read our white papers.

Electronic Evidence Discovery Solutions from Clearwell

The Clearwell E-Discovery Platform’s transparent search features enable a more defensible electronic data discovery search process and enhance the ability to cull irrelevant information. The solution includes capabilities that provide a new level of visibility, interactivity, and auditing of the e-discovery search process: search preview, search filters, and search report. Read more about our electronic evidence discovery services.

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