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SloganThe Quality Connection
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Founded 1985
Headquarters Template:Country data UK Leeds, UK
IndustryFasteners and Fixings
Contact EJOT UK Limited
Hurricane Close
Sherburn Enterprise Park
LS25 6PB.


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EJOT UK was established in 1985 and has become the country's leading manufacturer and designer of stainless steel fasteners. They offer innovative solutions and create cost-effective installations for companies looking to use fasteners and fixings in their projects of a high quality.

The EJOT Group operates from 27 countries worldwide and have a significantly large amount of knowledge with respect to countless sectors. The current product portfolio includes industrial fasteners for cast metals, thermo plastics, alloys and thin sheet. This impressive range of fixings and fasteners can be used for both building and construction, and industrial and engineering purposes.

Building and Construction

EJOT develop products to aid the UK construction industry. They work with system manufacturers and gain widespread approval on application-specific products. Their focus is also to gain broad acceptance from the specifier, engineer, buyer and installer, to ensure that the product is exactly what is needed for the project. EJOT have reliable brand names including SAPHIR carbon and Super-SAPHIR stainless steel bi-met. EJOT also have innovations such as the Opticore range that was created for the installation of composite roof panels.

Building Fastener Products

Generic products include SAPHIR, Super-SAPHIR, Colourfast, Ejotherm and HKR/TKR. EJOT also have fasteners and fixings for roofing and cladding, including flat roofing. In addition, they work with rainscreens in the form of fasteners that can be used for the efficient installation and mechanical durability of fixing rainscreens.

EJOT have also developed ETICS (external thermal insulated composite systems), that can be used for various construction purposes. They have also embraced renewable technology and have both solar fasteners and the solar i-clip.

Industrial and Engineering

EJOT have industrial fasteners that can be found in numerous assemblies across the world. They have the ability to engineer customer specific solutions for various applications, whilst reducing system costs. These include anything to do with development, treatment, assembly and logistics. The overall aim is to reduce the frequency of interruption and inspection, making the process quicker and more efficient.

Industrial Engineering Areas

1. Aerospace and Defence
2. Medical
3. Automotive
4. White Goods

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