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Dual Citizen Consulting logo3.0
SloganNew Passport, New You. and Above & Beyond Borders.
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=2003|2003]]
FounderGarreth Westwood, Esq.
Headquarters Template:Country data US [[City:=Bellingham|Bellingham]] [[State_Name:=Washington|Washington]]
Key people[[Key_Person1:=Garreth Westwood|Garreth Westwood]], CEO
Eve Marise, General Manager
Industry[[NAICS_Code1_Title:=Offices of Lawyers|Offices of Lawyers]]
ProductsDual Citizenship Consulting; Forensic Genealogy; International Financial Services.
EmployeesGreen Arrow Up.svg 7 (2007)
ParentBNA Consulting Group
Contact 336 36th Avenue, Suite 150
Bellingham, WA 98225-0000
[ website]
Reference NAICS: 54111
Region: Worldwide clientele
Latitude: 48.750178"
Longitude: -122.474975"

Dual Citizen Consulting is the only legal services firm of its kind in North America, exclusively practicing Dual Citizenship Law, a unique fusion of forensic genealogy with nationality law caseworking. Founded in 2003, Dual Citizen Consulting has pioneered the use of legal informatics by providing highly-specialized legal services online to a wider audience. With clients across North America and around the Anglosphere, Dual Citizen Consulting has gained an impressive reputation for helping clients with difficult cases and successfully resolving complicated claims to citizenship that have been avoided by other law firms. The firm started out as a partnership between BNA Consulting and the Civitas Legal Services Charity with the mandate to promote Dual Citizenship between North America and the British Isles. While staying true to this higher purpose, Dual Citizen Consulting is expanding its range of offerings and upgrading its customer relations capabilities by switching to a commercial business model.

Irish Dual Citizenship

Irish Citizenship (specifically Irish Derivative Citizenship or Irish Citizenship-by-Descent) is the firm's flagship service.[1] With over 40 million Americans of Irish descent as its primary constituency, the firm quickly established itself as the leading authority on researching, filing, and consular processing of Irish citizenship claims and has developed strong working relationships with Irish diplomatic missions in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and even Mexico & the Czech Republic.

The Founding Partner, Garreth Westwood (Gearóid Ó Siarcoil) was very active in alerting the Irish Abroad community about changes to the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act (INCA) which would mean that many non-Irish spouses of Irish citizens would soon lose the ability to file a Post-Nuptial Declaration of Irish Citizenship.[2] He has also been active in giving talks in the United States and in Canada warning Irish-Americans of little-know changes to INCA that may prevent some people from passing on Irish citizenship on to their children.[3]

A significant number of clients are individuals that tried to apply on a pro se basis but were rejected or delayed by the consular process. By combining the power of forensic genealogy with the advocacy of legal caseworking, Dual Citizen Consulting is uniquely placed to help clients navigate both the time-consuming transatlantic family history research and the governmental red tape. Through his influence, Mr Westwood has had some groundbreaking legal precedents successfully getting one client's claim to Irish citizenship approved based on purely secondary sources when the primary birth certificate of the Irish antecedent was unavailable.

While many clients are claiming Irish Dual Citizenship for sentimental or heritage reasons, a growing number of clients are using their Irish citizenship as a doorway to business opportunities in the European Union. Some clients wish to retire to Ireland or to another member state of the European Union. In response to demand from its clientele, Dual Citizen Consulting is adding international property search and international financial services to its offerings. International businesses that relocate to Ireland can avail of a 10% corporate tax rate while Dual Citizen Consulting has helped a number of American writers and artists apply for the Irish Resident Artists' Tax Exemption.

The Civitas Legal Services Charity estimates that in 2006, 10% of all Irish citizenship by descent cases filed in the US were processed through the efforts of Dual Citizen Consulting.[4]

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