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Deep Web Wiki
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SloganSearch Beyond the Search Engine
Type Private
Founded 2010
Headquarters Template:Country data US
Internet Publishing and Broadcasting
ProductsDeep Web search engine
Contact Web: Deep Web Wiki
Reference NAICS: 516110

Deep Web Wiki is a Deep Web search engine that helps searchers find databases and other useful websites in the 90% of the Web un-indexed or poorly indexed by the major search engines. The Deep Web also includes the Hidden Web and Invisible Web. The Deep Web Wiki is a general search engine covering all subjects and geographies.


Deep Web Wiki is a volunteer-led search organization that maintains a search engine and database containing detailed descriptions of so-called "Deep Web" sites that are either ignored or poorly indexed by the major search engines; it is estimated that ~90% of Web-accessible content cannot be reached using conventional web crawling methods. The Deep Web Wiki also contains other useful information sites that often are not popular enough to rank on the first few pages of search engine's results--despite their value.

The Deep Web Wiki depends on the efforts of Web users to build the wiki and improve the quality and accuracy of site descriptions. Contributions to the index can be made either anonymously or by signing up for a free membership that allows members to track their contributions and watch pages of interest. To further assist in this effort, we are recruiting topic Experts who can help point searchers to the most valuable resources in the surface and deep Webs.

The Deep Web Wiki is staffed by volunteers and funded through donations.

To contact us, please send email to: .

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