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SloganThe World's 1st Self-Service Total Compensation Package Reporting System
Type Private Company
Headquarters Template:Country data US Pennsylvania, USA
Key peopleJoseph Blattner, Founder
IndustryTotal Compensation Packages
Contact PO Box 152
Presto, PA 15142-0000
(412) 294-9820
Web: [1]
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COMPackage helps businesses of all sizes create total compensation statements through downloadable desk-top-based benefit software . These statements complement traditional paycheck stubs by showing employees how much their benefits are worth.


COMPackage is the second business venture of Joseph Blattner. Blattner’s first company was an advertising agency in Pittsburgh called Blattner Brunner. He founded that first company at the age of 19 with just $34. By the time Blattner sold control of the company in 2003, it had grown to 129 employees.

Blattner learned from his experience as a business owner that, while he understood the great value of his employees’ benefits, his employees generally underestimated their own benefits. He also noticed that other business owners realized the value of reports that could show employees the exact cost of their benefits, but found the reports too complex, time consuming and expensive to produce.

To give employers a simpler, more affordable tool to create employee benefit statements, Blattner founded COMPackage. He worked together with some of the brightest Internet professionals at Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Information Systems Management program to create a Web-based application capable of streamlining the entire employee compensation statement process into a 5 to 10-minute procedure.


Before COMPackage developed their benefit software solution, only the largest companies had access to the resources necessary to create total compensation reports. COMPackage’s software makes it possible for companies of any size to create these statements quickly and easily.

Total Compensation Reports for Small Businesses. COMPackage compensation software is the first on-demand total compensation reporting tool available to small businesses. The downloadable desk-top-based solution can track over 60 employee perks and features more than 12 auto calculators to fill in benefits like government and mandatory time off benefits. It also gives business owners the option of rerunning reports for free anytime throughout the 365-day subscription period.

Total Compensation Reports for Large Businesses. Because COMPackage’s compensation software allows employers to create a report in under 10 minutes, it is perfect for small businesses. For businesses with hundreds or even thousands of employees, however, the process becomes time consuming. That is why COMPackage has recently introduced the Employee LOADER – an application that allows human resource professionals to import employee data quickly and easily from an Excel spreadsheet.

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