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Name: Cmyos

City: Ottawa
State: Ontario
Zip: K0A 1L0
Country: Canada
Email: []
Web: []
Contact: [[Key Person1::Max Bailey
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Title: President

cmyOS (pronounced: "SeeMoss") is an application based open source online operating system conjoined as part of cmynetworks. cmyOS is an beta online application that runs and operates similar to many popular desktop based operating systems. cmyOS runs within the browser and enables users to have remote access to their data from any internet enabled personal computer. cmyOS operates on the open source eyeOS project. The web service gives unlimited storage space to all users, and the service is provided free of charge.


cmyOS enables browsers who do not have access to hosted servers to use and experiment with online operating systems. Users can easily upload Mp3s, videos and documents to servers through the cmyOS online operating system. Users can browse and play sreaming music and videos online from anywhere. Documents can also be created and edited within the online interface. Games can also be added to the operating system.

Another feature that is incorporated in the online operating system is the ability to browse the internet through the integrated browser cmyWeb. This service provides the ability to securely access the internet through cmyOS servers, which greatly reduces the amount of private data that is sent out while browsing the internet.

Services can also be enhanced through the integration of upgradeable applications through the developments of anyone and everyone


The following are features currently integrated into cmyOS:

  • cmyCalc - basic calculator
  • cmyCalendar - calendar application
  • cmyChess - chess board (game)
  • cmyContacts - contact management application
  • cmyDocs - word processor
  • cmyFiles - file explorer
  • cmyGroups - group area
  • cmyInstaller - manage compressed files
  • cmyMp3 - integrated Mp3 player for listening to music
  • cmyNav - integrated web browswer
  • cmyNotes - a lightweight text editor (similar to NotePad)
  • cmyProcess - a application management application, can be used to end applications
  • cmyRSS - an integrated feed reader
  • cmySoft - Manages available and installed applications
  • cmyTrash - a recycling bin for storing deleted files
  • cmyUpload - upload Mp3s, videos, pictures, and documents.

cmyOS along with cmynetworks builds, and operates servers for hosting open source projects.

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