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Name: Cmyblogs

City: Ottawa
State: Ontario
Zip: K0A 1L0
Country: Canada
Email: []
Web: []
Contact: Max Bailey
Title: President

cmyblogs (pronounced: "See My Blogs") is a free customizable blogging platform conjoined as part of cmysites. cmyblogs is a beta online blogging website that runs and manages blogs for both individuals and groups of users. cmyblogs runs within the browser and enables users to quickly add information and media from any internet enabled digital device to their blog. cmyblogs operates on the open source Lifetype[1] project. The web service gives numerours options for adding different addons to blogs and is continually being updated by the open source community. cmyblogs is listed under the weblogs:hosts section of DMOZ[2].


cmyblogs enables anyone to host their own blog on the internet. The website offers the ability to upload files, import feeds and many other services that are listed below. The services are offered through plugins which are developed by open source developers for the blogging suite[3].

There are currently over 60 plugins[4] that are integrated into the cmyblogs platform.

Numerous templates are also available for customizing blogs on the website. The templates can be changed or upgraded by users by editing the template through the cmyblogs's online template editor. Users can also upload their own templates for their blog.


The following are features currently integrated into cmyblogs:

  • comments - allow other people to comment on blogs
  • feed reader - import feeds into the blog
  • gallery - post a slide show of images to the blog
  • group blogging - one blog can be managed by multiple users
  • mobile blogging - post messages from a mobile device
  • multiple blogs - with one user account, manage multiple blogs
  • pictures - insert pictures from either the web, or from photos uploaded to cmyblogs
  • social bookmarking - places links for bookmarking website on each post of a blog
  • songs - insert songs that have been uploaded
  • spam filters - reduces spam posted on blogs
  • video - allows videos from popular video hosting websites (such as youtube) to be insterted into blogs

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