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Catol Lux
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Founded 2003
Headquarters Template:Country data MD Chișinău,Moldova
Catol Lux
Contact sos Muncesti 73
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The SRL CATOL LUX firm is known in the market of Moldova since 2003.

The main specialization is retail and wholesale of car accessories, car chemicals, car oils and filters, car tires. The company is an official dealer of many well-known manufacturers of car oils, car chemicals, filters, batteries, body repair materials, accessories, etc., independently importing goods from manufacturers.

The SRL CATOL LUX company has at its disposal 4 car service centers, storage rooms, motor vehicles.

The SRL CATOL LUX company owns more than 18 outlets and 3 wholesale outlets located in the busiest places in the automobile markets of Moldova. Thanks to the professionalism of our employees and flexible working methods, we are able to maintain a wide range of goods from domestic and foreign manufacturers - more than 18,000 products.

Currently, the company CATOL LUX SRL is a supplier of auto accessories for the network of gas stations LUKOIL (98 gas stations) and BEMOL (39 gas stations and their number is increasing).

The CATOL LUX SRL company produces under its own brands MELLY and DILAN a large assortment of household chemical goods used both for automobiles and in everyday life.

Based on the principle of customer care, we offer products and services that meet a wide range of customer requirements. Our customers are always available:

Flexible system of discounts; Various payment options; Optimized form of receiving orders: by phone, fax, e-mail; The services of a personal manager who monitors the entire chain from placing an order to receiving it; Delivery in Chisinau and in Moldova; Providing quality certificates issued by our partners, as well as a guarantee for the goods;

We really work for you!

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