Business Communications Group LLC

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Business Communications Group LLC

2514 N St
Sacramento CA 95816-5811
Phone : (916) 457-8988

Business Communications Group’s focus is helping clients influence executives with the power to buy. The 8-member Business Communications Group team, handpicked over nearly a decade by the agency founder and president, operates as a virtual or outsourced marketing department for companies that don't have one, or a supplement to those that do.

We specialize in B2B marketing planning, lead generation, public relations, and sales support services. Our approach increases clients’ inbound qualified leads and shortens their sales cycle while triggering publicity, speaking, and partnership opportunities that build visibility and demand for the long term.

Drawing on experience as a business writer and reacting against years of experience in “traditional” agencies, Rebekah Donaldson set out in 2001 to establish an unpretentious organization in touch with today’s mid-market business-to-business marketing realities.

She developed a dream team that combines depth in all marketing and marketing communications disciplines • strategy, planning, public relations, lead generation, sales support and web technologies • with a strong grounding in new-age technology and old-fashioned common sense.

Five years later, her venture, Business Communications Group, is the number one all-B2B marketing agency in the Sacramento, California region. It offers a one-stop-shop for virtually all marketing disciplines to clients who need to supplement or outsource their marketing department in order to gain marketing knowledge, get industry recognition, and win the best deals. The firm has been selected by such tech industry leaders as AeA, Cisco, Interactive Intelligence, SOS, and SureWest as well as top B2B professional services firms in the executive search, market research, outsourced HR, and lobbying fields.

Name: Business Communications Group LLC

Address: 2514 N St
City: Sacramento
State: CA
Zip: 95816-5811
Country: US
Phone: 916.457.8988


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