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Name: Bronzer Tanning Lotions

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<sharethis /> Comparing Bronze Tanning Lotions to Tingles and Accelerators

There are many reasons why it is healthy to use bronze tanning lotions. First of all, they play a critical role in controlling UV rays which can damage the skin. Every time spent during a tanning session is money well spent. When the skin is dry, it is able to reflect only 40% of all harmful UV rays.

With a dry skin, you are sure to end up with a very unhealthy tan and chances are that the effects of UV rays will be clearly visible. A strong lotion can prevent the skin from getting that ugly darkish coloring by providing a bronze tan. There are many different types of lotions which you can choose from however. A bronzer is only one of them.

A bronzer should be used by someone who has already hit a plateau through the use of an accelerator or someone who is already using a bronzing bed. This type of tanning lotion is different from other types of lotions in that most members of the category contain a cosmetic bronzer or DHA. DHA is often released in a timely and efficient manner. Sometimes, a bronzer may contain both.

The immediate color that results from using a bronzer can easily be washed off when one is having a shower. Wait for two hours before bathing in order for the tanner to remain in place. A good bronzer is one that is time-released and one that will show off in a matter of not more than two hours without streaking your skin. Ensure that you have washed your hands after the application since they don’t require to be tanned at all.

Although the bronze tanning lotion is efficient by virtue of offering immediate results, you have to take care since it washes off quite easily. DHA is the element that makes the dark tan come about quickly as well as last for longer.

An accelerator is another type of tanning lotion in use today. It is ideal for people who are tanning their skin for the first time. It is also ideal for those who don’t prefer tingles and bronzers. It is different from other types of lotions since it makes the skin moist all the time. It also contains ingredients that ensure that the skin acquires a good tan very easily.

A tingle is the third type of tanning lotion which is not very much different from bronze. Like the bronzer, it is very ideal for experienced tanners who are familiar with all tanning procedures and their challenges. It is designed to offer you the best tan possible and works efficiently wherever UVB beds are being used.

Just like bronzer, tingle easily causes melanin or the coloring pigment to move closer to the top skin layer. It also hits the air, resulting in a faster rate of oxidation. The only problem is that it sometimes causes a tingling sensation and an itchy feeling. These sensations only last for a few hours after tanning has been done. Someone who touches this tingle may also experience these side effects.