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Brickfields Asia College
SloganThe Nation No.1 Law School
Type Private Company
Headquarters Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
IndustryHigher Education
Law School
ProductsPre-University Programmes
Undergraduate Programmes
Postgraduate Programme
Professional Programmes
Other Programmes
Contact No. 68 2nd Floor Jalan Tun Sambanthan 50470 Brickfields Kuala Lumpur
Web: [1]
Reference NAICS: 32311, 32312
Region: Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

Brickfields Asia College (BAC) is proud of its history and tradition and endeavors to continue to be the nation's #1 Law School. Over the last 20 years, Brickfields Asia College (BAC) has established itself as the nation’s No.1 Law School. Having sent more than 6000 law graduates into practice, the college has established an excellent reputation as a provider of quality education and its graduates are highly regarded and sought after by local and international firms and employers in both the public and private sectors.

BAC has guided students to achieve outstanding results in the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) programmes. BAC students were awarded the King's College Scholarship 3 times in the past 4 years for the University of London International programmes. BAC students also secured 4 First Class and 60 Second Class Upper LLB degrees in 2011. With regards to the CLP examinations from 2005 to 2010, BAC students secured every Tun Hamid Omar Foundation Award for Best Overall Student, 34 out of 41 book prizes and 37 out of 43 Second Uppers.

BAC has partnerships and affiliations with over 20 leading foreign universities and professional organizations giving students access to a wide range of world class degrees and professional programmes which can be completed either locally or abroad.

BAC has recently acquired its own learning portal - which includes & to enable students round the clock access to learning materials. BAC’s city campus comprises three premises with state-of-the-art-facilities for teaching and learning which are all within walking distance of one another. In addition the college has luxurious reasonably priced student accommodation for local and international students which is within the vicinity of the college.

There is also a free all-day shuttle bus service for students to travel between these premises. The college provides students a range of sporting and recreational activities to ensure a balanced and holistic education. BAC is committed in ensuring that students obtain an unsurpassed rewarding educational experience as every effort is undertaken to guide each student in achieving their potential.

Brickfields Asia College (BAC) is proud of its history and tradition and endeavors to continue to be the Nations #1 Law School. We look forward to making your educational journey an enjoyable and rewarding experience

The BAC Advantages

BAC has sent more law graduates into practice than any other institution in Malaysia. 8 out of every 10 UK and Australian Law graduates entering the legal profession are from BAC.

Over 100 World and National Top Students, Book Prize Winners, 1st Class and 2nd Uppers in the A-Levels, LLB, CLP and ICSA over the past 2 years.

BAC students secured 4 First Class and 60 Second Class Upper performances in the May 2011 LLB examinations.

BAC has achieved the highest number of top students, book prize winners, 2nd Upper performances and passes leading to almost 6,000 CLP success stories.

9 out of 12 National Book Prize Winners in the December 2008,2009 and 2010 examinations were BAC students.

Highly qualified and experienced lecturers from the Malaysian legal arena and from UK universities which include practicing lawyers, acclaimed academicians and authors.

BAC offers the widest range of law programmes in Malaysia ranging from Pre-University, Undergraduate and Postgraduate to professional programmes.

Fast track routes which allow for dual qualifications to be completed in a significantly shorter time frame.

The only law school in Malaysia accredited by MQA to offer the University of London International Programmes and the UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law).

Electronically connected campus with modern classroom facilities, library, computer labs and a student resource centre with a moot court, gym, dance studio, café and sky garden sports café.

BAC houses a specialist law library which allows access to online resources such as Westlaw and LexisNexis (the World’s Largest Online Legal Research Databases).

Students will be provided with free textbooks, statute books, study manuals, revision guides, past-years questions & answers and other relevant course materials.

The only law school to complement the learning experience by offering video and audio lectures by UK faculty via &

Mooting, advocacy, legal writing and legal research skills to ensure a holistic learning experience.

BAC has high-end accommodation for students, complete with an infinity swimming pool, gymnasium and a BBQ area.

BAC’s links to leading local and international firms create vast networking opportunities.

You can choose to study Full time, Part time, on Weekends or via Distance Learning.

Scholarships, installment schemes, 0% interest installment payment plans, PTPTN Loans and EPF withdrawals are available.

BAC’s centrally located city campus is accessible by LRT, Monorail, KTM Komuter & other public transportation with ample parking nearby.

A range of social events and activities are organised by our student clubs and societies throughout the year.

Programmes @ BAC

Pre-University Programmes

  • A-Levels

University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is the world's largest provider of international qualifications. The CIE A-Level programme is the most widely recognised Pre-University qualification in the world and students in over 150 countries pursue CIE examinations each year to gain entry into prestigious universities worldwide, including those in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Brickfields Asia College (BAC), a Cambridge International Associate Partner is proud to offer the CIE A-Level programme which would enable students to progress into degrees in Accounting, Business Management, Commerce, Economics, Finance, ITC, Communication, Law and Mass Communication amongst others. BAC offer students the choice of 6 subjects to select from depending on the entry requirements for the various degree and professional qualifications to be undertaken upon completion of the A-Level programme.

  • Study & Life Skills Programme

Most students entering the pre-University programmes are usually unprepared to take on more demanding courses which require them to have a strong probing mind and critical thinking. Many students are also found to have low self-confidence which acts as a hindrance in group study situations or when they have to have to speak up or share their thoughts. Another area that needs attention is 'independent thinking', the desire to think for oneself. One of the biggest problems plaguing our community is 'herd mentality'. Students are afraid to think differently from others and that affects their quality of thought, speech and action. Students go through the Study and Life Skills program as an induction program to prepare them not only for the course but also for their career. The program will focus on study techniques, time management, goal setting, critical thinking and creativity.

Undergraduate Programmes

  • LLB (Hons) University of London International Programmes

The University of London is truly one of the great universities of the world - a federation of 19 world-class Colleges and 10 specialised institutes, its reputation for high academic standards has been built on the outstanding teaching and research of its Colleges since 1836. For 153 years, University of London degrees have been accessible to students all over the world through the University of London International Programmes.

The University of London International Programmes is a world renowned provider of legal education. Its Bachelor of Laws (LLB) has long been regarded as an ‘international gold standard’ in legal education and for over 150 years it has provided the first step on a career route for many thousands of practicing lawyers within the Commonwealth and around the world. Academic direction for the University of London International Programmes LLB is provided by six of the most prestigious Colleges of the University of London – Birkbeck, King's College London, the London School of Economics and Political Science, Queen Mary, the School of Oriental and African Studies, and UCL (University College London). Upon successful completion of their studies, students will be awarded a University of London Law degree.

The University of London LLB (3+0) is the only external law degree awarded by a British University that is recognised by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board of Malaysia for entry into the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) examinations. BAC as a University of London Affiliate Centre (the highest level of recognition awarded by the University of London) has been preparing students for the UOL LLB International programme since 1991 and has an enviable track record on the programme owing to its outstanding faculty of experienced and dedicated team of both local and visiting lecturers / examiners.

  • UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law)

BAC offers the LL.B (Hons) programme which can be completed partially at the BAC campus while the remainder would be completed at one of the college’s prestigious partner UK Universities. Students are given the option to complete a 1+2 (1 year at BAC and 2 years at a partner UK University) or 2+1 (2 years at BAC and 1 year at a partner UK University) depending on their preference. At the end of the programme, students are awarded with an LLB (Hons.) degree by the prestigious UK University that they have transfered to. For individuals who intend to go into legal practice with this degree, they can embark on the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) in the UK or the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) in Malaysia as this degree programme is recognised by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board of Malaysia. BAC’s partner UK universities and programmes are:

    • LLB (Hons) Cardiff University
    • LLB (Hons) University of Liverpool
    • LLB (Hons) University of Reading
    • LLB (Hons) University of Sheffield
    • LLB (Hons) University of Hertfordshire
    • LLB (Hons) Northumbria University
    • LLB (Hons) Aberystwyth University

Postgraduate Programmes

  • Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP)

The Certificate in Legal Practice, or more commonly known as CLP, is a course and examination taken by foreign university law graduates in order to become qualified advocates and solicitors in Malaysia. The examination is conducted by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board of Malaysia and is governed by the Legal Profession Act 1976. The Board allows Law degree holders from certain universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand to sit for the examination. Upon obtaining the CLP, students will normally proceed to do chambering, which is a form of apprenticeship similar to a pupilage in England. After completing nine months of chambering, students may finally be called to the Bar to become qualified advocates and solicitors.

Brickfields Asia College has consistently produced excellent results at the CLP examinations and has the best track record for the CLP as BAC has secured more awards in the CLP examinations than all other colleges in Malaysia put together. In the CLP examinations from 2005 to 2010, BAC secured all the top student prizes, 34 out of 41 book prizes and 37 out of 43 Second Uppers awarded nationwide. Most recently in 2010, BAC student Low Huei Sze received the Tun Hamid Omar Foundation Award for the Best Overall CLP student in the country. Another BAC student, Chai Shwu Yi emerged as the only student to be awarded two book prizes in 2010.

Equally impressive in 2009, Chong Zhuo Chen became the recipient of the Tun Hamid Omar Foundation Award for the Best Overall CLP student in the country. She is the only student to score 4As in the history of the CLP examinations. BAC’s results at the 2009 July CLP examinations speaks for itself, 12 out of 13 Second Class Uppers awarded at the July 2009 examinations were secured by BAC students, the highest number in the history of the CLP examinations.

  • Masters in Law (LLM)

Northumbria University Law School has an enviable reputation for its practical, innovative Masters programmes, which are accessible to a wide range of professionals. These programmes attract a diverse and interesting students from all over the world. Various LLM programmes can be studied on a full-time basis, although many students now opt to study via distance learning which provides a more flexible approach more suited to busy lifestyles. All of our programmes make use of electronic learning and the Law School is involved in numerous continuing professional development programmes, which aim to make Northumbria a leading institution in this field.

The following LLM programmes* are available on a distance learning basis at Northumbria:

      • Advanced Commercial Property Law
      • Advanced Legal Practice
      • Child Law
      • Commercial Law
      • Employment Law in Practice
      • Information Rights Law and Practice
      • International Commercial Law
      • International Trade Law
      • Master of Laws
      • Medical Law
      • Mental Health Law
      • Mental Health Law Policy and Practice
      • Postgraduate Certificate in Business Law

  • Diploma in International Arbitration

This is a unique professional qualification awarded by Brickfields Asia College in collaboration with the Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators (MIArB). MIArb is a non-profit organization established in 1991 to provide training and educational facilities and to promote the study of law and practice relating to arbitration. It is a fast-track, practical and relevant course that is targeted towards practicing and aspiring arbitrators as well as for those who would like to expand their knowledge in dispute resolution matters. Participants of this course will receive a solid grounding in the basic principles of arbitration, with subsequent emphasis on real-life applications using case studies.

Most of the leading legal firms across the world have now established an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) division due to the growing popularity of this method being employed to resolve disputes. It would be a distinct advantage for law graduates in particular, to secure a job at top firms with this Diploma.

BAC offers a unique opportunity for LLB, CLP and ICSA students to augment their qualifications by taking this Diploma in International Arbitration concurrently with their respective courses. Upon completion of this Diploma, students will immediately obtain an ‘affiliate’ status of membership under the Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators (MIArb) provided they have at least a Bachelors’ degree.

  • Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators

The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) is the leading recognised professional body for Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. The Institute was formed in 1891 and was granted the Royal Charter in 1902, which set the seal of authority and royal recognition on that belief. Chartered Secretaries are qualified in company law, accounting, corporate governance, administration, company secretarial practice and management and are trained to chart a course through regulation, legislation and best practice in order to deliver effective operations. The Institute has 44,000 members and 28,000 students in over 90 countries.

The Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA) was founded in 1959 as an affiliate body of the ICSA, United Kingdom. Membership of the Institute is limited only to members of the Institute residing in Malaysia, namely Fellows and Associates, Graduates and students. MAICSA as a premier professional body in company secretaryship and administration exists to serve the needs of the various sectors of society, in particular, the corporate sector. MAICSA aims not only to generate a cadre of trained professional but also acts as a catalyst for the growth and development of the commercial and industrial sectors of our country.

This ICSA Preparatory Programme conducted by BAC is academically rigorous and meets the professional needs of MAICSA. Lectures cover concepts which underpin and facilitate an informed participative approach to learning via workshops, seminars, case studies and student led discussion to facilitate more active modes of learning. Assessment is by a combination of examination and/or coursework.

Professional Programmes

  • Diploma for Legal Secretaries

The ILEX Diploma for Legal Secretaries is a specialized qualification awarded by the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX) UK.

This Diploma is designed for secretaries, assistants or for any law practitioners within the legal environment who require a qualification to enhance or upgrade their skills for efficient operation of a legal office.

The ILEX Diploma for Legal Secretaries ensures that graduates remain relevant to the needs of law firms and legal departments through the familiarity with legal terminology, basic legal procedures, law office protocol, administrative duties, business and management skills, litigation and paralegal essentials.

The ILEX Diplomas are unique because they bypass the common route associated with traditional 2-year colleges, technical training centers or even private career schools. The Diploma is concentrated and precise in content and relevant to anyone in the legal industry including secretaries, assistants, practicing lawyers and even fresh law graduates.

  • Diploma in Paralegals

The ILEX Diploma for Paralegals is specialized qualification awarded by the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX) UK.

The Diploma is designed for legal support personnel or for any law practitioners within the legal environment who require a qualification to enhance or upgrade their skills for efficient operation of the legal office.

The ILEX Diploma for Paralegals ensures that graduates remain relevant to the needs of law firms and legal departments through the familiarity with legal terminology, basic legal procedures, law office protocol, administrative duties, business and management skills, litigation and paralegal essentials.

The ILEX Diplomas are unique because they bypass the common route associated with traditional 2-year colleges, technical training centers or even private career schools; the Diploma is concentrated and precise in content and relevance to the legal industry, these include secretaries, assistants, practicing lawyers and even fresh law graduates.

  • Corporate Counsel Diploma

The Corporate Counsel Diploma is a unique diploma awarded by Brickfields Asia College (BAC) in collaboration with the Malaysian Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA).

The Corporate Counsel Diploma is a rigorous and relevant course targeted at corporate/legal counsels or in-house lawyers who are an integral part of the legal department of any organization.

The nature of the corporate counsel’s job is to seamlessly bridge the divide between legal expertise and corporate requirements; hence, the corporate counsel will oversee matters such as employment contracts, business contracts, commercial law and transactions, corporate governance, conveyancing and many other routine and non-routine responsibilities within the corporate entity framework.

A corporate counsel must be ready at all times to lend effective expertise to the organization concerned while simultaneously adhering to the precepts of the legal vocation.

  • Professional Development Programme

The Professional Development Program was developed primarily for fresh graduates, junior level executives or anyone interested in expanding their range of skills to enable effective transition and adaptation to the rigors of the working environment.

The Professional Development Program enhances learning through a more application based curriculum rather than just traditional academic requirements; this deviation from the usual parameters of learning actually serves to enhance the students innate ability to become their own managers and be responsible for personal development and therefore able to blend seamlessly into the workforce environment for greater individual potential and career mobility.

The Professional Development Program successfully achieves this goal through practical means; the program has multiple instructional strategies and application modes; individual or team activities, result oriented mapping, discussions, presentations and smart projects.

The programs duration of 12 weeks (147 hours) is intensive and strategically imparts critical knowledge that is so very often taken for granted and learnt through the hard effort of trial and error.

Other Programmes

  • Certificate in Mooting and Advocacy

A formal moot court programme is available for our students to evaluate their written and oral skills. A moot is a legal debate in a courtroom setting,but not exclusively involving a case taken on appeal. In a moot, two teams of counsel attempt to persuade a judge on the strength of their case by reference to legal authority. In a student moot, the teams consist of two pairs of students representing appellant and respondent debating in a moot problem.

Mooting is not a compulsory subject at BAC but as many students are aware, the legal profession is an increasingly difficult one to enter therefore,apart from providing excellent legal education, we take pride in providing the mooting programme for our students to enhance their advocacy, public speaking and presentation skills. This programme will help build confidence among the students and will benefit them whether or not they plan to follow a traditional legal career path upon graduation.

A moot problem is a pre-drafted factual situation in which a point or points of law are in dispute. The task of each team is to support the side of the argument with which it has been presented. This is done with reference to legal authority such as case law, statutes, institutional writings and legal principles. The role of the judge in the moot is to weigh the merit of the arguments presented to him or her, understand or accept the points being made and question counsel where necessary, .

Furthermore, preparation in moot also includes extensive research skills. Research can be conducted using textbooks as well as Lexis Nexis and Westlaw internet service provided at the resource center where students will learn finer skills such as footnoting when explaining particular principles or points of law.

Competitions will also be organized to test the ability of students to present their arguments, think on their feet and respond when interrupted by the judge. Participation of the students does not only require talent and skill but also tremendous commitment. BAC’s goal is to produce the best advocates in both the state and nation.

Through innovative academic courses and competitive advocacy tournaments, our students are provided the well-rounded education necessary to achieve this goal. For more information on this programme, do not hesistate to call our councillors at our Toll Free Advice Hotline: 1-800-888-LAW (529)

  • English Enhancement Programmes:

The ability to read, write and communicate in English language is paramount to any foreign degree and even more so when once decides to read law. Thus, BAC has taken steps to ensure that our student's language skills are enhanced through various courses. With highly qualified and experienced lecturers, BAC offers not only the finest in legal education but also a warm and nurturing enviroment for students to futher develop themselves.

1.Test Of Legal English Skills (TOLES) This course is a series of specialist English Language examinations for lawyers and other legal professionals. It is offered by a private UK organisation called Global Legal English. Global Legal English was established in 1999 and are members of the International Division of the Law Society of England & Wales which is the organisation that regulates the professional standards of solicitors in England. The Law Society also gives solicitors a licence to practice law.

TOLES is necessary because law firms and EU departments require an exam that will test legal English skills and not just general English skills. TOLES will benefit law students, lawyers and legal translators whose first language is not English. Its main objective is to give working lawyers the skills, accuracy and confidence they need when using English at work.

In terms of recognition, a large number of organisations, companies and law firms have already entered students for the TOLES exams. These include The European Court of Justice, The European Central Bank and The European Law Students’ Association.

2.International English Language Testing System (IELTS) IELTS is globally recognised as a secure, valid and reliable indicator of true-to-life ability to communicate in English for education, immigration and professional accreditation. It is recognised by more than 6000 instituteions in over 135 countries. At BAC we run classes for the academic test format which encompasses examination on listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises. Text books and research materials will be provided for the students and they will be taught to answer questions which have been designed carefully for every version of the test of a comparable level of difficulty. The test centres are managed by the British Council and IDP and this academic practice is central to the UK education system at undergraduate and postgraduate level. For more information on this programme, do not hesistate to call our councillors at our Toll Free Advice Hotline: 1-800-888-LAW (529)

Financial Support Services

Scholarships & Bursaries available at BAC:

  • The Star Education Fund

BAC is the only Law School in the country to become a partner of the distinguished Star Education Fund, providing scholarships for students based on academic excellence as well as financial need. This covers tuition fees, books, as well as examination fees.

  • Brickfields Education Fund

As part of its corporate social responsibility, BAC gives back to the community through its education fund which awards scholarships to deserving students, in line with its aim to promote lifelong learning. This consists of: Yayasan OZANAM Scholarships for underprivileged children who are occupants of the orphanages under the OZANAM Foundation. Merit Scholarships for students with outstanding academic achievements, be it academically or through co-curricular activities. Financial Aid Scholarships for deserving students who require financial assistance in order to further their education. Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Withdrawals can be made by parents or guardians.

  • Installment schemes

Enables students to structure payment for tuition fees into monthly installments, providing convenience and facilitating payment where a lump-sum amount is not possible.

  • 0% Interest Bank Loan

available with various credit cards

  • PTPTN Loans

Provided by the Ministry of Higher Education as a means of enabling students of private learning institutions the opportunity to study the course of their choice. This allows students to study full time and repay the loan only once they have started working.

Accommodation Services

At this moment in time, students would have to stay off-campus in privately owned accommodation. BAC however assists our students by bridging them to private landlords, based on the student's personal preferences. Generally, rental rates in Malaysia tend to vary based on the locality as well as amenities and facilities provided for in the living quarters as well as surrounding areas. Our new Student Residences will be located in Mutiara Residency Condominium which is located within a 10 minute walk to our campus. It is also strategically located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, with an easy access to Mid-Valley City and Kuala Lumpur Sentral. It is also within 10 minutes walking distance to the LRT Bangsar Station and Sentral Station. Students can opt to walk to college or take the BAC Shuttle Bus.

Our Student Residence will feature:

  • Roof top infinity swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Multi-purpose hall
  • Children playground
  • BBQ area
  • 24-hour security guard
  • 3-tier security system
  • Intergrated intercom system
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Access card system
  • Broadband internet ready
  • Covered carpark
  • Modern comtemporary architecture
  • Extra-high ceilling
  • Full-height glass window

Career Advisory Center

At BAC, we want you to realise your full potential, enhance your networking abilities and broaden your opportunities! Our councillors at our Career Advisory Center (CAC) will be on hand to assist you to achieve just that. Aimed at producing well-balanced graduates of the highest calibre, the CAC often assist our students by ensuring that they integrate their intellectual pursuits with real-world experiences in order to develop their knowledge, nurture their faculties, and develop their core values. From the start of their educational journey, our councillors will be at hand, via one to one sessions, to assist our students explore their interests and passions as well as to help identify their skill set at hand as well as further skills they will acquire from their legal education. CAC will also assist our students seek employment and provide them placements through our broad networking, both in local and international markets.Through practical placements and work experience, students can further understand the many opprtunities that lay ahead of them and may also develop new interests which may be beneficial to their future decisions and careers.

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