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Bose Corporation's Wave Music Systems are table top radios that have been selling from its inception in 1984 to today. The wave radios are considered all-in-one systems with "A decade of research"[1] that allowed for better sound in a smaller unit.


In 1984 the original Bose Wave system, called the Acoustic Wave Music System, was Bose's first-ever tabletop radio. It utilized two 2" drivers (speakers), and a four inch bass driver which is the only speaker utilizing the Wave Guide , a cassette player, and an AM/FM radio into a mid-sized tabletop stereo system.Template:Fact

In 1987, Amar G. Bose and William R. Short won the 'Inventor of the Year' award from the Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation for the 'Waveguide' loudspeaker system employing a folded acoustic waveguide.[2] This is the technology behind the Bose Wave family of audio systems.

In 1993, the Wave Radio was introduced. It was even smaller than the Acoustic Wave, and used two 2" drivers (speakers) without the woofer, the left-hand speaker providing bass through a 66cm tapered waveguide twisted around the inside of the unit and terminating on the front next to the right hand speaker (which was band limited). In 1998, Bose introduced the Wave Radio/CD, which was basically a Wave Radio with a CD player. Also, a year before, Bose added a CD player onto the Acoustic Wave Music System, while removing the cassette player.

The year 1993 also saw the first Bose "Acoustic Wave System" developed for an automotive application. In 1993 Mazda unveiled the third generation of its RX-7 sports car, featuring an optional Bose designed sound system. This included a unique Bose "Acoustic Waveguide" rear subwoofer system. Instead of a traditional large subwoofer (typically eight inch or more diameter), this system makes use of two small subwoofers mounted in an enclosure with two long wave guide tubes extending to the passenger and driver's sides of the car.

In 2004, Bose redesigned the Wave Radio/CD, naming it the Wave Music System (temporarily called the Wave Radio/CD II). It utilizes a front-loading CD/MP3 CD player, the buttons were removed from atop the Wave. The sound quality was improved with new high performance transducers and adopting twin 66cm tapered waveguides (one for each speaker), terminating at the rear of the unit. This effectively doubled the power handling capacity in the bass and provided a half-octave improvement in the bass extension. Sound imaging and clarity were also enhanced. A headphone jack was added, as well as Bose Link compatibility and MP3 playback. It is criticised however, because the first series featured dual alarms, while the Wave Music System only has one. Bose stopped manufacturing the Wave Radio while a new version was in progress.

A year later Bose introduced the Wave Radio II, which was a Wave Music System without the CD/MP3 player. It is identical in every way, including sound quality and inputs, it just lacks the CD instead having a silver plastic cover plate installed. In October of 2005 Bose made a multi CD changer designed for the wave music system. It connects via the Boselink port on the back of the wave music system.

In 2006, Bose introduced the new Acoustic Wave Music System II, which added MP3 playback, a bigger screen, and improved acoustics, as well as a headphone output. Bose also brought out a docking station for the iPod in October of the same year.

In 2008 Bose released the Wave DAB module[3]. It is specifically designed for sale in the UK and works with the WMS, WRII & AWMSII.


1984 - Wave series introduced with the Acoustic Wave Music System being the first product of this series (with a tape player)
1987 - Amar Bose and William Short win Inventor of the Year
1992 - First version of a CD Acoustic Wave introduced
1993 - First version of the Wave Radio introduced
1993 - First Automotive Acoustic Waveguide introduced
1996 - Acoustic Wave Series I v.2
1997 - Wave Radio Series I v.3
1998 - Wave Radio/CD introduced
2000 - Wave Radio Series I v.5
2001 - Wave/PC introduced.
2004 - Wave Music System introduced (aka Wave Radio/CD II)

  • Wave Radio II introduced
  • Wave Music System Multi-Disc Changer


  • Acoustic Wave Music System II introduced
  • Wave Connect Kit for iPod

2008 - Wave DAB module[4]



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