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Bosco Constantine (Born as John Bosco) is a Second Life® virtual world. While touring many venues in the virtual world he sings his Originals to Second Life® or covers of many different bands/musicians.

Second Life® Originals

Graduation From Life
Katherine's Lullaby
Leave My Heart
Throw Me A Line
Second Life®


All of Bosco's tips go to children in Nigeria in the town of Jos for children who are unable to afford schooling as they have no public schools.


720 Live

During the 720 Live, which was 12 hours of Bosco playing dual streamed with other various Second Life® Musicians. All proceeds went to children in need of buying school supplies for the 2008/2009 school year. Artists included in the 720 live included: Azriel Hax, Anek Fuchs (aka Anekretia), Norris Shepherd, Peregrine Sing, Annan Dreamscape, Chaos Noyes, Max Kleene, Jano Runo, Detritus Rau.