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Blue's News
Type of site Gaming
Owner Blue's News
Created by Stephen Heaslip
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Created in 1996 by Stephen "Blue" Heaslip, Blue's News is a video game news blog. It was originally a website for news of the PC game Quake, but it eventually expanded to first-person shooter PC games news and now covers all PC game and some console and handheld game news, as well as a daily list of PC hardware reviews. There is also a regular section at the bottom of each day's news called "Out of the Blue" which includes links to funny images, videos and interesting or amusing non game-related news stories.

Their subtitle, "All the carnage that's fit to post," is a takeoff on The New York Times' famous banner.

Blue's News is known for its serious article comments by regular posters and industry figures. But it also maintains a reputation for being the hardest group of commenters to please.

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