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Bitty Bows Boutique
Bitty Bows Boutique logo
SloganHandmade Baby Hair Bows — Fine Hair is Our Specialty
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded {{{foundation}}}
FounderKelly Rankin, Founded 2005
Headquarters Template:Country data US [[State_Name:=California|California]], [[Country_Name:=United States|USA]]
Industry[[NAICS_Code1_Title:=Childrens and Infants' Clothing Stores|Childrens and Infants' Clothing Stores]]
ProductsHair bows & hair accessories for newborns, infants, babies & toddlers
Contact 570 El Camino Real #150-108
Redwood City, CA 94063
[ Bitty Bows Boutique website]
Reference NAICS: 448130

Bitty Bows Boutique is a web-based commercial baby & children's hair accessories company located in Redwood City, California. All products are handmade, specializing in hair accessories for babies with fine, sparse hair.


Like many ventures, Bitty Bows Boutique began after one mommy's unsuccessful search for a bow that actually stayed in her newborn's fine hair. She searched all the boutiques in town. Alligator clips that claimed to be for fine hair were met with disappointment, and although the popular velvet lined clips stayed well, they were so heavy and bulky for that little newborn head. Long story short, after great experimentation, an amazing newborn clip was developed...our baby clip. Later, as that newborn grew more hair, larger non-slip clips were developed, for various ages and amounts of hair.

At Bitty Bows Boutique, functionality is top priority, followed closely by style. Thousands of styles and color options are available. Over 100 ribbon colors are in stock, and available for many bow and flower styles. Classic bows are offered in many sizes, in addition to flowers, designer barrettes, headbands, baby hairbands, crystal accented clips, and even fish, butterflies, strawberries, apples and ducks. From classic to whimsical and funky, there is a style and clip for everyone!

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