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Type [[Company_Type:=NPO|Non-Profit Organization]]
Founded 2008
FounderJason Borden
Headquarters Template:Country data US [[City:=Richland|Richland]], [[State_Name:=Pennsylvania|Pennsylvania]], [[Country_Name:=United States|USA]]
Key peopleJason Borden, Owner/Admin
IndustryReligious Organizations
EmployeesStraight Line Steady.svg 1 (2008)
OwnerJason Borden
Contact PO Box 188
Richland, PA  US  17087
Reference Year End: December/31

Biblewiki is a web site dedicated to helping people study God's word, and embed his word in our daily lives by using it as a lens through which all decisions are made. We do this by doing what all other bible-related sites don't do, by having a user-editable wiki system which allows our members to post thier own comments on any chapter verse or passage, and allowing them to search for and create topic and general articles as well on any topic in the bible. We all accept articles on any modern issue, and reviews of materials based on God's word. All of this is designed to give Christians the resources they need to help them live a life that honors God, and answer questions from unbelievers.

Official List of accepted articles

  • A chapter, verse, or passage of the bible
  • A review of movies, books or other media
  • A person from the bible
  • Articles using science to prove the truths of God's word
  • Articles about common questions that Christians or non-Christians ask
  • Articles about any Biblical topic or current issue
  • Please share your experiences with God on your user page

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