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[[Category:]]Financiers, Aristocrats Name: Baron Ellsworth Hutchison-Hall d'Ellinger

City: New York, Geneva, London
Phone: [[Phone::Baronehhde 13:56, 13 March 2009 (PDT)]]
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Title: Chairman

One wonders if he isn’t a character out of an Evelyn Waugh or Somerset Maugham novel. The last of a breed of aristocrat that is rapidly becoming extinct with wealth sufficient to allow him to do and say whatever he damn well pleases and get away with it. He has the worldliness; the sang froid; the insouciant charm that never fails to captivate, and the ability to lurch from crisis after crisis and always land on his feet. But he is real and his name is H.E. William Ellsworth Henry Hutchison-Hall, IV, BA, LTh, DMin, Freiherr von Ellinger, Baron of Little Staughton, and Lord of Hall. This Anglo-German-American patrician describes himself as a financier, philanthropist, unbelievably minor socialite, bon vivant, sybarite and incorrigible enfant terrible.

He suffers no fools gladly of otherwise. A confirmed elitist, who believes the greatest calamity of the 20th century was the end of the British Empire, he has always been controversial and most certainly proud of it. ‘I’m not here to win a popularity contest’ he often says. ‘I’m male, white, Christian, Republican, I not only inherited, but manage my family’s investments, I employ people… you name it, I’m guilty of it, so there’s no way I could win one anyway’. The problem is he never hesitates to speak his mind. He is also a hopeless romantic and is infamous for his lifestyle that revolves around dinner parties, fine wines and the pursuit of women. Especially the pursuit of much younger women. He finds it almost impossible to resist flirting; he’s fond of quoting Taki: “Men who flirt, service their wives regularly, and most likely everyone else who they can get hold of. What’s wrong with that? Although he’s been married three times, he still hopes to get it right one of these days. Referring to his marital status as “Between wives” and also claims to have an opening for a mistress as well.

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