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BRL Test
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SloganIt's the service after the sale that counts!
Type Private Company
Founded 2001
Headquarters Template:Country data US Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA
IndustryElectronic Test Equipment
Electronic Test Equipment Support
Contact 624 Douglass Ave
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
Web: [1]
Reference NAICS: 423830, 541380, 334515

Best Full Service
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“Perfect, just perfect. Excellent customer orientation and support. Thanks.” - Erni

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“Unit received in great shape. Passed Agilent calibration. Good job!!” - Wang
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Wavetek 395 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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Wavetek 395 Arbitrary Waveform Generator. Proudly offered by BRL Test, established 2001.

We will calibrate and certify the Wavetek 395 generator just prior to shipping so it will be guaranteed working accurately right out of the box. We can also offer repair services for your existing WAV 395. What can BRL Test do for you today? Call us now for friendly and expert service. 1-866-275-8378­. Visit our company website to explore our huge product catalog. Browse like kinds of signal generators here.

BRL Test is celebrating it's tenth year! We invite you to join the thousands of happy and satisfied BRL Test customers.

Call us for a quote now! 1-866-275-8378

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The Wavetek 395 generates 11 standard waveforms: square, sine, positive and negative ramps, pulse, noise, triangle, positive and negative haversines, sin(x)/x, and DC. And the performance specifications are first rate, providing square waves to 50 MHz, sine waves to 40 MHz, and triangles to 10 MHz, with synthesized accuracy and outputs up to 10 Vpp (into 50 ohms) Direct digital synthesis (DDS) enables 10-digit frequency resolution for sine waves to 20 MHz and for most other standard waveforms to 100 kHz. Waveforms can be output continuously or in triggered or gated modes that enable special applications such as brain response measurement and strain gauge data acquisition. Other capabilities give you the flexibility of the very best function generators including frequency sweeping, amplitude modulation, and summing with an external signal.

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