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BRL Test
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SloganIt's the service after the sale that counts!
Type Private Company
Founded 2001
Headquarters Template:Country data US Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA
IndustryElectronic Test Equipment
Electronic Test Equipment Support
Contact 624 Douglass Ave
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
Web: [1]
Reference NAICS: 423830, 541380, 334515

Best Full Service
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“Perfect, just perfect. Excellent customer orientation and support. Thanks.” - Erni

Premium Equipment
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“Unit received in great shape. Passed Agilent calibration. Good job!!” - Wang
Perfect Delivery
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“Best packing ever! I would let you ship one of my children!” -Todd

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Review of AMP the Electronic Test Equipment Blog for BRL Test

Amp symbol.jpg

AMPwas born out of the idea that the world of electronic test and measurement was fun. Too often test equipment marketing is the same old same old... grey boxes laid out with specs. Ho hum.

Enter Gabby Benitez. I was energized by the hiring of Gabby. She is now a major player in our marketing team. She brings a youthful energy and an atypical perspective to the world of test equipment.

We knew that our senior technicians were our key to generating interesting content. We also wanted video. Not knowing what to expect we headed back int the lab with our camera. Jason is a busy man...but.. we got him to allow us to shoot. What we got was a priceless little video Justin Bieber Gets Demodulated. This video is a lot of fun but it also does a great job of explaining the nature of demodulation and how that works with an Agilent 8564E. Boom! We had material! Gabby unleashed the Krakken and...ta da - AMP was born.

Realizing that our lab is serious business, we knew we couldn't be filming everyday so we got material elswhere. Zap - in comes Mickey! Who knew that the Walt Disney company was one of HP's first customers? It's true. They bought several oscillators for the advanced sound system used in Fantasia. BRL Test is located in Orlando FL so naturally Mickey is very near and dear to us. See how AMP uncovers the Disney - HP conection.

Being funny and interesting is good but being helpful is great. Helping handheld spectrum analyzer users with an easy fix is the kind of deed that behooves a good natured company like BRL Test. Many Anritsu Site Master users experience lock up. Often a hard reset is all that is needed. Well here's our good deed for the day so watch as Jason explains how to do a hard reset of an Anritsu S331 SiteMaster.

These are the humble beginnings of AMP. Stay tuned as we tell what test equipment is secretly encoded to allow you to play Tetris and Snake, the revelation of how time domain and frequency domain shape the cosmos and many more fun yet seriously informative posts.

Kind Regards

Thomas Stacy

March update: [ BRL Test does the Best Harlem Shake Ever! See it on AMP.
April update: Jason Hardman and Patty Rodriguez attend NCSL International meeting in Clearwater FL
May update Did you know a Tektronix Logic Analyzer was used in the 1997 thriller “Face/Off”?
September update BRL Test electronic test equipment repair services video