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BRL Test
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Type Private Company
Founded 2001
Headquarters Template:Country data US Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA
IndustryElectronic Test Equipment
Electronic Test Equipment Support
Contact 624 Douglass Ave
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
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Reference NAICS: 423830, 541380, 334515

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Anritsu MS4623B Network Analyzer

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Anritsu MS4623B Network Analyzer. Proudly offered by BRL Test, established 2001. The MS4623B is the newest member of the Scorpion Vector Network Measurement System (VNMS) family, the MS462xD adds 4-port balanced/differential measurement features to the already versatile measurement portfolio. In comparison, the pioneering MS462xB provides similar performance and functionality for 2-port and 3-port applications.

Available in the frequency ranges of 10 MHz to 9 GHz (or 3 or 6 GHz), these powerful and versatile models provides accurate measurements for most wireless components including surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters, amplifiers, and mixers. Anritsu MS4623B Data Sheet Here.

For sale, rent or lease.

We will calibrate and certify the ANR MS4623B network analyzer just prior to shipping so it will be guaranteed working accurately right out of the box. We can also offer repair and calibration services or purchase your existing ANRMS4623B . What can BRL Test do for you today? We boast a 100% satisfaction rating! Call us now for friendly and expert service. 1-866-275-8378­. Visit our company website to explore our huge product catalog. Browse and compare like kinds of network analyzers here

BRL Test is celebrating it's tenth year! We invite you to join the thousands of happy and satisfied BRL Test customers.

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Rack Mount
- MS4600/1, Rack Mount Kit with Slides For all models, rack mount kit containing a set of track slides (90ϒ tilt capability), mounting ears, and front panel handles for mounting the instrument in a standard 19-inch equipment rack.
- MS4600/1A, Rack Mount Kit with Handles For all models, rack mount kit containing a set of mounting ears and hardware to permanently mount instrument in a standard 19-inch equipment rack. Slides are not provided.

Time Domain
- MS4600/2, Time (Distance) Domain For all models, Time domain analysis can also be performed utilizing Lowpass, Bandpass or Phasor Impulse processing techniques. Windows and Gating support additional conditioning to further enhance time domain processing.

Second Internal Source, Third Test Port The following options add internal second source, third test port and test attenuator. The appropriate models are also shown.
- MS4600/3A, MS4622B, 3 GHz
- MS4600/3B, MS4623B, 6 GHz
- MS4600/3C, MS4622C, 3 GHz
- MS4600/3D, MS4623C, 6 GHz
- MS4600/3E, MS4624B, 9 GHz
- MS4600/3F, MS4624C, 9 GHz

Noise Figure The following options add integrated Noise Figure measurements. Noise Source not included. The appropriate models are also shown.

NF Options, 50 to 3000 MHz
- MS4600/4, MS4622B, MS4623B, MS2624B
- MS4600/4D, MS4622C, MS4623C, MS4624D
- MS4600/4F, MS4622D, MS4623D, MS4624D

NF Options, 50 to 6000 MHz,
- MS4600/4B, MS4623B, MS4623B
- MS4600/4E, MS4623C, MS4624C
- MS4600/4G, MS4623D, MS4624D
Noise Sources
- NC346A, 3.5mm, 5 dB ENR Noise Source
- NC346B, 3.5mm, 15 dB ENR Noise Source

Frequency Translating Group Delay
- MS4600/5, Frequency Translating Group Delay For MS462xB and MS462xD, adds mixer group delay measurement.

Third Test Port Without Second Internal Source
- MS4600/6, Third Test Port For MS462xB and MS462xC, adds third test port on front panel with routing to rear panel for external source (3.5mm rear panel connector). Configuration supports 12-term (2-port) vector correction plus vector correction of S11, S21 and S31 on 3-port devices. With external source, 3-port (24-term) calibrations can be performed.

Source Step Attenuator
- MS4600/7, T/R Step Attenuator For MS462xA, adds internal step attenuator to internal source.

Harmonic Measurements
- MS4600/8, Harmonic Measurements For all models, adds firmware to orchestrate harmonics measurements.

-MS4623B/10 Internal Auto Cal.
Connector Designation
Standard front panel connector type is N female. Use the following options to specify optional connector types. Connector type is the same for all ports.

- MS4600/11NM, Replaces N female with N male Test Port Adapters
- MS4600/11S, Replaces N female with 3.5mm male Test Port Adapters
- MS4600/11SF, Replaces N female with 3.5mm female Test Port Adapters
- MS4600/11A, Replaces N female with GPC-7 male Test Port Adapters
Intermodulation Distortion Measurements - MS4600/13, Intermodulation Distortion Measurements
For all models, adds firmware to orchestrate CW, swept frequency and swept power IMD measurements. Second source is required (reference MS4600/3x) or external source can be used.

Processing Upgrade
- MS4600/24, Processing Upgrade For MS462xB and MS462xC (standard in MS462xD), adds processing upgrades for (1) additional data points (from 401 to 1601) when performing balanced/differential measurements on 3-port devices, (2) S4P file use in embedding/de- embedding matching circuits, (3) additional throughput enhancements, and (4) enables the use of more than 401 data points when using 4-Port AutoCals with 2 and 3-port models.

Calibration Options
- MS4600/98, Z540/Guide 25 Calibration
- MS4600/99, Premium Calibration