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BRL Test
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SloganIt's the service after the sale that counts!
Type Private Company
Founded 2001
Headquarters Template:Country data US Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA
IndustryElectronic Test Equipment
Electronic Test Equipment Support
Contact 624 Douglass Ave
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
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Reference NAICS: 423830, 541380, 334515

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Agilent E5515C Communications Test Set

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Agilent E5515C Loaded With Options
Proudly offered by BRL Test, established 2001.

The E5515C is the standard for great mobile phone manufacturing tests, offering speed, accuracy, repeatability, and ease of programming.

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Options for E5515C
E5515C-002 2nd RF source
E5515C-003 Flexible CDMA base station emulator
E5515C-004 Digital bus
E5515C-AX3 Front handle kit
E5515C-AX4 Rack flange kit
E5515C-AX5 Flange and handle kit
E5515C-R45 Hardware revision 4.5
E5515C-R48 Hardware revision 4.8
E5515C-R50 Hardware revision 5.0
E5515C-R51 Hardware revision 5.1
E5515C-R55 Hardware revision 5.5
E5515C-R58 Hardware revision 5.8
E5515C-R70 Hardware Revision 7.0
E5515C-SS1 Tripp-Lite surge suppresser 120V
E5515C-SS2 Tripp-Lite surge suppresser 220/240V
E5515C-UK6 Commercial calibration certificate with test data
E1962B CDMA2000/IS-95/AMPS mobile test application
E1962B-401 CDMA2000 Rel A new control channels
E1962B-402 Advanced AMPS measurements
E1962B-403 CDMA2000 authentication
E1962B-405 CDMA2000 Digital bus (fading)
E1962B-406 CDMA2000 Multi-unit sync
E1962B-407 CDMA2000 Protocol logging
E1962B-409 CDMA2000 SMS
E1962B-410 CDMA2000 1x Advanced
E1963A W-CDMA mobile test application
E1963A-401 W-CDMA End-to-End Video
E1963A-402 W-CDMA Video Loopback
E1963A-403 HSDPA test modes
E1963A-405 HSDPA 14.4Mbps Test Mode
E1963A-408 W-CDMA Enhanced Audio
E1963A-409 W-CDMA Adv. SMS
E1963A-413 HSUPA test modes
E1963A-423 HSPA+ Test Mode
E1963A-433 DC-HSDPA test modes
E1966A 1xEV-DO terminal test application
E1966A-102 1xEV-DO Rel A and B
E1966A-103 1xEV-DO Multicarrier
E1966A-104 Rel B Optional DRC
E1966A-405 1xEV-DO Digital bus (fading)
E1966A-406 1xEV-DO Multi-unit sync
E1966A-407 1xEV-DO Protocol logging
E1968A GSM/GPRS mobile test application
E1968A-101 GSM functionality
E1968A-102 GPRS functionality
E1968A-103 EGPRS functionality
E1968A-104 Evolved EDGE functionality
E1968A-201 GSM and GPRS functionality
E1968A-202 GSM,GPRS and EGPRS functionality
E1968A-406 VAMOS
E1968A-408 GSM/GPRS Enhanced Audio
E1968A-409 GSM/GPRS Adv. SMS
E1968A-410 EGPRS phase and amplitude vs time
E1968A-411 IQ capture
E1968A-417 8PSK Distortion calibration
E1968A-419 Mobile Calculated BER
E1968A-430 Class 34
E1968A-431 Class 45
E1969A TD-SCDMA_GSM Fast switch test application
E1969A-101 TD-SCDMA Non Signaling test mode
E1969A-201 TD-SCDMA Signaling mode
E1969A-403 TD-HSDPA
E1969A-407 TD-SCDMA prot log
E1969A-413 TD-HSUPA
E1969A-502 Packet data service
E1976A 1xEV-DO Rel 0 FTM test application
E1976A-102 1xEV-DO Rel A and B FTM
E1987A Fast switching test application
E1991B Mobile test application suite
E1993A 8960 UMTS test application suite
E1996A CDMA2000/1xEV-DO TA suite
E1999A E5515 application features
E1999A-202 FDT Enhanced
E1999A-206 Single channel GPS source
E1999A-301 PESQ Measurement
E1999A-501 2-box Voice Handover