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At your Request’s commercial cleaning services cater to any building type, even if it’s a boat. Before every job, big or small, they set out a full cleaning programme to match your needs and budget. A full quote with the areas being cleaned will be sent out so prior, so you will be able to continue to use the places that are not specified.

Every cleaner employed by At Your Request is has to undergo a full security screening every year which entails credit, criminal and immigration checks to ensure no future problems arise. They wear fully embroidered clothing with a branded car, so it ensure the customer that they are part of the team. If on the other hand, people claim to be working for At Your Request and are not fully equipped with branded clothing, we recommend refusing entry and contacting a Customer Care Representative.

The cleaners do an exceptional job at helping out the environment by keeping the highest hygiene standards in place; and using top of the line equipment to ensure only the safest products are used. Contributing to the ongoing health of families and pets.

Although cleaning is the most appealing job, At Your Request’s cleaning crew are dedicated in providing a professional job for whatever fit’s the budget.


  • Commercial Floor Cleaning
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning NZ