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AtTask, Inc.
Type Private
Founded Utah 2001
Headquarters Orem, Utah
IndustryProject Management Software
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Corporate Facts[1]

AtTask, Inc. is an on-demand Project Portfolio Management Software (PPM) vendor that has been a prominent provider in the project management software industry since the release of it's latest version.[2][3] AtTask's product provides similar functionality to Microsoft Project, but in a web-based application instead of a desktop application.



AtTask, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Scott Johnson.[4][5]

Current status

AtTask, Inc is headquartered in Orem, Utah, with regional headquarters in Beijing (covering China), and Tokyo (covering Asia Pacific less China). AtTask, Inc. has its services translated into 7 different languages and currently has 880 customers. AtTask recently received first-round funding from a venture capital firm named OpenView.[6] products to @task include Clarizen's PM solution and [6] and eProject's "PPM 6".[7]

Products and Services

AtTask's version 4 was released in 2006.[7] In 2007, AtTask released an enterprise version which gives web services access[8] to SOAP and Flash developers[9] and is integrated with[10]

The product also has an iPhone client-side interface, @task for iPhone[11]

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