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APP is one of the world's leading pulp and paper companies and one of the largest vertically integrated pulp & paper producers in Asia, excluding Japan. Its combined pulp, paper and packaging capacities in Indonesia amount to over 7 million tonnes, using fiber from plantations and wood residues of plantation development. APP currently has its principal operations located in Indonesia, and markets its products to more than 65 countries on six continents.

Over the years it has expanded its operations significantly through acquisitions and expansions in several of its pulp and paper mills. APP's commitment to customer satisfaction enables growth in share of paper sales worldwide and broadening of its presence through marketing offices in many countries.

As a leading global manufacturer of paper products, APP recognizes the dual responsibility of good stewardship. First, it must be a good steward of the investment made in the company by its shareholders, employees and customers. These investments go well beyond financial transactions; they are investments of loyalty and trust in APP’s good business judgment and good work.

Second, it must be a good steward of the technological, natural and human resources required to conduct its business. This is why APP is committed to responsible best practice in all of production facilities, and to sustainable forest management for all of fibre sources.

APP’s vision is to become the 21st century's premiere, world-class pulp and paper manufacturer – a company dedicated to providing superior value to customers, shareholders and employees alike.


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