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Bishop J. L. Mathis, a harbinger to the gospel of Jesus Christ is a prominent figure in the Christian-holiness community in the United States. Bishop Mathis is the founder and Pastor of Grace & Mercy Church Of The Living God and is the presiding Prelate of The Birthing Of God International Fellowship.

Bishop Mathis is widley avowed as a Pastor that has passion and great zeal for the word of God and God's people. He has labored many years traveling the world carrying the gospel and the fullfilment of God's message. As an advocate of ecumenity Bishop Mathis has worked to bring order, stability, unity and appreciation to the body of Christ.

Bishop Mathis ministered at True Holiness Temple for 6 years and evangelized for 10 years. Bishop Mathis has Pastored two of Cleveland's local churches (Christian Brotherhood and Grace & Mercy Church Of The Living God) for the past 10 years. Bishop Mathis cares for the sick and afflicted as a profession and specializes in restoring those in need in mind, body and spirit. Because of this passion for people, Bishop Mathis has dedicated many years to the medical field and he affectionately carries the same passion to his congregation.