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Ariel T. Glenn (née Laura A. Nickel) with Landon Curt Noll discovered on October 30, 1978 that 221701 − 1 was the 25th Mersenne prime. This made international news because Noll and Nickel were still high school students. For the verification of this number alone, the pair used almost eight hours of time on a CDC Cyber 174 at California State University. They consumed over 4000 hours of computer time in their search double testing M21001 through M24481, along with a test of M65537 using a custom implementation of the Lucas-Lehmer test.

Ariel worked as a public key infrastructure specialist at Columbia University, and is now a member of the Midnight Special Law Collective, a radical law collective. She was recently hired by the Wikimedia Foundation to do work related to information technology.[1]


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