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Hyperphysically existing "stuff" is a "possibility" proposed by a Wikipedia editor during a December 2007 edit to the Wikipedia article universe, which changed the definition from "everything that exists" to "everything that physically exists". Wikipedia user ''Standonbible'' is believed to have been the perpetrator of this edit. He has been polled on his talk page and asked to confirm or deny having made the edit, however his talk page says that he "is busy in real life and may not respond swiftly to queries". Apparently he believes that Wikipedia itself is part of the hyperphysical universe, and not part of real life.

This edit persisted for two and a half years, finally being reverted in June 2010 [1], although it was modified in the meantime to state the Berkeleyesque view that the universe is not that which physically exists, but is in fact that which is "perceived to exist physically".

Not much is known about hyperphysically existing "stuff", however, it can be shown conclusively that if hyperphysically existing "stuff" exists, that it necessarily exists hyperphysically.