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András Gregorik (born 1976) is a Hungarian novelist and screenwriter. His main themes include, both in fiction and non-fiction, the social and/or emotional isolation of highly sensitive individuals due to mental disorders, misfortune, poverty or simply being different, and their ensuing redemption through a spiritual journey of either a Christian or psychological kind.


From early 2006, Gregorik turned to full time writing. He wrote two screenplays (Basic fault, Pseudolife) and his first novel (also titled Basic fault[1][2]) in quick succession. Two of his short stories were shortlisted in a literary competition by a Hungarian foundation (2008)[3]. A feature film based on his Basic fault is in pre-production stage (2008)[4].

List of works

List of short stories

  • Egy szép este (1998)
  • Eszter (2006)
  • Session (2006)
  • A lány (2006)
  • Életében az elso (2006)
  • A tábor (2006)
  • Dublin (2007)
  • Leszakadás (2007)
  • Szingli (2007)
  • Menj vissza Pestre (2007)
  • Fényes nyári nap (2008)

English editions

  • Basic fault (pending)


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