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Name: Amherst Ohio

Address: 206 S. Main Street
City: Amherst
State: OH
Zip: 44001
Country: United States

The City of Amherst Ohio is located in the northeastern part of the state, about half an hour west of Cleveland. Amherst is known as the "sandstone capital of the world" due to the extensive sandstone quarries that once existed in the area. At one time, Amherst contributed sandstone to projects all across the country, and the stone that was quarried there can still be seen in many of the local historical buildings.

Amherst Ohio has a population of roughly 12,000 inhabitants. Its local government consists of a City Council and Mayor. The Mayor serves a four-year elected term, and seven council member serve two-year elected terms. The President of Council serves four-year terms. Additionally, the people of Amherst also elect a Treasurer, Law Director and Auditor for four-year terms.

Amherst was established in the early part of the 1800's by German immigrants, and was established by a man named Jacob Shupe. The city today exists as a comfortable and safe community with many residential neighborhoods. Its safety services include a local police department and a volunteer fire department.

Home values in Amherst are generally higher than in adjoining cities such as Lorain and Elyria, because of the safe conditions of the community and the great school district. Amherst also has a well-maintained public library, several public parks, and easy access to Beaver Creek and other natural recreation opportunities.

Marion Steele High School is home to the Amherst Comets, and the community as a whole is very proud and involved in local high school sports. In addition to the City of Amherst, the Amherst School District also encompasses a small part of Lorain. The school board is an elected body that performs duties separately from the city council or local municipal government.

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