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Altus is a leading provider of video search and management systems for sales enablement and corporate knowledge transfer. Altus vSearch enables users to capture, share, and search video content down to the spoken word. Organizations deploying Altus for sales enablement, training, collaboration, or knowledge sharing can deliver critical knowledge to large, geographically-dispersed audiences including employees, partners, and customers. Accessible on demand through a rich media portal, searchable content can be instantly accessed and easily reused. Altus SaaS-based (Software as a Service) solutions provide sales organizations the means to use searchable video content to improve their sales effectiveness. Global giants such as Cisco, GM, IBM, NetApp, and Oracle rely on Altus to achieve outstanding ROI, substantial productivity gains, in addition to millions of dollars in savings due to reduced travel and training costs.

Solutions for Every Business

Altus' end-to-end video management software enables users to capture, share and search rich media content down to the spoken word. With Altus vSearch, content is accessible on-demand where it can be instantly located and reused.

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