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Ali Velshi is CNN's Chief Business Correspondent, the CNN Newsroom anchor and host of "Your Money" and the "Ali V" podcast. In 2010 his reporting on the rise and fall of the American auto industry was honored with a National Headline Award for Business & Consumer Reporting. He also anchored CNN's Emmy-nominated coverage of the attempting bombing of a passenger plane in Detroit in late 2009. Velshi grew up in Toronto and graduated from Queen's University in Ontario, then worked as a reporter and business anchor for Toronto television stations, going on to host Canada's first prime-time business news hour, "The Business News." In 2001 Velshi joined CNNfn as an anchor, hosting "Your Money," "Business Unusual," "The Money Gang" and other shows. With CNN Velshi has reported from the field and in the studio, covering the global financial crisis, the federal bailout, Haiti's earthquake recovery efforts and the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster. He is the author of "Gimme My Money Back: Your Guide to Beating the Financial Crisis" (2009).

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Name: Ali Velshi

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