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PhotoSketch creates mystic visions

No need to really say too much about the potential implications of something like this, so I will simply post the link and make a brief comment:

This Is a Photoshop and It Blew My Mind

Even if this is an elaborate video hoax, I have no doubt that some team of ex-Google engineers will have something like this in prototype before the year 2015.

And then what?

There is currently an argument underway on Wikimedia Commons about whether someone captured in a photo among a private party crowd dotted with a gay pornography producer, actors, and fans is or is not actually David Saranga, an Israeli diplomat and former Consul for Media and Public Affairs of Israel in the United States.

Of course it is David Saranga in the real photograph on Fire Island, but the prevailing administrative culture at Wikimedia projects is to protect those who have been quietly authorized to self-promote on the project, even if this means suppressing the verifiable truth to the unsuspecting public. This is yet another example of a continued neglect of ethical accountability.

Imagine what an instrument like PhotoSketch could do to our understanding of amateur photo-journalism and "truth". It is not an altogether encouraging prospect.