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Airpura Tobacco Smoke COntrol Air Purifier

Airpura's T600 Tobacco Smoke Control air purifier is designed to capture airborne chemicals and particles from tobacco combustion.

The T600 has a tar trapping pre-filter, a HEPA wrap filter for particles and a 28 lb. 3 inch deep activated carbon filter to adsorb toxic chemicals contained in the smoke.

A powerful 560 CFM variable speed motor delivers up to 350 cubic feet of clean air per minute.

To be effective, you will want to fine tune the motor speed to a medium setting. This allows smoke contaminated air to be in contact with the carbon longer. Dwell Time is the amount of time contaminated air is in contact with the carbon. Increasing the dwell time increases the efficiency of toxic gas adsorption.

Running your smoke control air purifier on high speed is a mistake. Smoky air will flow through the carbon filter too fast for proper adsorption. High speed works for particle capture but not gases and chemicals.

The Airpura T600 is a good compromise for smokers living with non-smokers. If smoking can be restricted to a single room an air purifier can be a win - win.

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