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Airpura Air Purifers for Allergies

Allergy symptoms may be reduced by removing irritating particles and chemicals from indoor air.

Activated carbon filters remove airborne chemicals and odors. Carbon filters have been known to be used in the Roman Empire. The adsorption properties of carbon are well known.

HEPA filters remove airborne particles that may trigger allergic reactions. The HEPA standard means the filter can remove 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns on the first pass through the filter.

Cleaning indoor air may reduce exposure to allergens which trigger allergic reactions

The Airpura H600 Air Purifier is suggested for Allergies

The Airpura H600 has a 40 sq. ft;. medical grade high efficiency HEPA filter to capture airborne particles and a carbon weave filter for basic odor and chemical filtration together with a pre-filter for larger particles.

The H600 delivers approximately 350 cubic feet of clean air per minute.

At this rate, air in a 600 square foot room with a 9 foot ceiling would be cleaned 4 times per hour.

A variable speed control allows speed and noise to be finely controlled. This is convenient for sleeping. In the bedroom at night run the H600 on high for an hour to thoroughly clean the air. Then, fine tune the speed to reduce the noise for a comfortable sleep.

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