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AirBank logo
Type of site Airfare Booking Engine
Available language(s):English
Owner Great Escape Travel Services
Created by The Banker
LaunchedApril 2006
Current status of siteonline

AirBank-Travel offers low cost consolidator airplane tickets for travelers departing from the United States or Canada to international destinations.

AirBank's online booking engine returns airline consolidator prices for international flights plus complex published air itineraries with pricing below the mega-online agencies. All airplane tickets earn frequent flyer miles, major credit cards are accepted and there are no additional fees or service charges.

AirBank Details

Name: AirBank-Travel

State: New Hampshire
Zip: 03810
Country: US
Phone: 1-888-825-4529


  • NAICS Code1 = 561510
  • NAICS Code1 Title = Travel Agency

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